Why You Should Book Independent Escorts When in London!

I am somebody who is often in London working and therefore I occasionally book escorts to accompany to dinner, work events or just simply to come over to my hotel room, and I must say that my experience with companions has been nothing but perfect over the years.  The reason, however that I think my experience has been so good is that I always make a point of booking from a cheap London escorts agency, as I tend to find them so much more attractive, interesting and fun to be with than girls working for an agency. The reason I think this is, is because they obviously enjoy what they do as they are setting up on there self and therefore they need to offer great customer service to succeed. My favourite girl at the minute is an independent called Catty Richards, I have included a few photos from here website below so you can see how gorgeous she really is!

Catty 9 Catty 10

As you can see from the images above, this young lady really is one of the hottest Independent escorts in London and loves to dress up in her sexy designer clothes, or from my experience I can tell you that her expensive lingerie is even sexier! The great thing about Catty is that she loves exploring the city, so if you want to go out with her and have a great time in London, then that is no problem at all! When I was last with Catty, we started the evening by going to one of my favourite restaurants in the capital, it’s called Village East and it is a brilliant modern brasserie, situated on Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UW. The restaurant has a really great atmosphere and such a great place to take a London escort such as Catty Richards.