Why You Should Book An Independent Escort in London

I am somebody who books quite a few escorts in London and therefore I often get asked by many of my friends, who are new to booking escorts, which agency they should go to and my answer is that they shouldn’t, but in fact they should book an Independent London escort such as Erika. To which they always reply, well where do I find Independent escorts in London, so I point them in the direction of one of my favourite young ladies in the city, her name is Erika and she is just incredible, you can see her website by clicking the link above, but I have also included some photos below of her so you can see just how amazing she is!

Erika 4 Erika 5


As well as how amazingly good looking this young women is, there are many other benefits to booking Independent escorts in London as oppose to booking through an agency, which is what I will continue to explain now. Booking through an independent is usually slight cheaper, as they don’t have to give a proportion of the money to an agency, so if you want a beautiful girl for a slightly lower price then this is definitely an option for you. Another reason why booking this way is so much better is that independent escorts do it for the love of escorting, so their personalities and attitude when they are with you are a lot better than other girls.

The final thing that I love about girls like Erika is that they have the most amazing personalities, they are intelligent and incredibly sophisticated so they are the perfect companions for any sort of large event in the city, whether it be a classy charity event of just an annual working meal.