Why Every Straight Man Should have a Prostate Massage

Let’s get it out there… the prostate is a place most straight men think is no-man’s land. Why? Because putting anything up your backside is considered the gayest thing in the world and if you like something up there then you must be gay, right? Wrong. So dead wrong.

This is 2017 and people are still acting like we’re back in 1917. The prostate and the anal track are something a man shouldn’t be scared of but should be curious about at least once in his life. Why? Because it’s healthy. In fact having good prostate health is something even doctors stress in males. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a healthy prostate without putting a fist up your backside but it does mean that you should at least be acquainted with it. Just like women are slowly getting acquainted with their clitorises men should also learn to appreciate their prostate gland and just because you like it (and stats say you probably will) does not make you gay. Shocking I know. But for all of you men that are sure of your sexualities out there who have decided to start to explore your bodies where do you turn? Many men don’t feel secure enough in asking new sexual partners out of fear of rejection and that’s a normal fear so why not turn to the professionals? And we don’t mean prostitutes…

Tantric massages from Tantric Dolls offer the ability to tack on a prostate massage to an already incredibly sensual experience. A tantric masseuse is not only completely trained to dealing with your prostate but you’ll be glad to find that there are many ways to reach your excitable little gland and that if you tickle its fancy it can gift you enormous amounts of pleasure. Of course tickling it just right requires you to relax and to enjoy your time and having someone there that specializes in both enjoyment and relaxation will mean that you will be very, very, well taken care of. Even if you end up deciding this is not for you at least you now know for certain and if you do well… you know who to call.

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