Why choose an escort over a stripper?

Imagine, you’ve just got home. It’s Friday night and you’re ready to go out. You shower up, shave and mentally prepare yourself for a night filled with beers, birds and loud music that’s definitely going to give you tinnitus when you’re older. Who cares, it’s a time where you should be enjoying yourself. Maybe you want a bit of extra attention from the female audience tonight? Well, there’s nothing wrong with being visited by someone before you go out and party. Everything is going to plan until you realize you have to make the hardest decision of the night; stripper or escort. obviously either have different perks and down sides. Which one is that best on a night out? Here are a couple pro’s and cons.

Why not a Stripper?

Strippers are sexy as hell, don’t get me wrong, but I think I’m more enticed by escorts, personally. I do enjoy the company I spend with strippers however. I love watching their sexy shows, looking at them reveal a considerable amount of skin is something that you cannot ever get tired of watching. But you have to consider that, all of that flesh you can see at the show, that unfortunately stays at the show. The girl comes in, gives her little routine (probably charges a lot  more for if you want to pay overtime) then leaves. At that as well they’re usually not very interesting either, no offence.

Escorts do it Better

This is an escort blog, so I am of course going to be a little bit biased, but  it’s just the truth that escorts are better. Did you consider these reasons when thinking about who might be better:

  1. Escorts are bright and intelligent people, you can hold though provoking conversations with them and get to know each other better.
  2. Escorts are better value for money, in the sense that they’re usually a lot prettier, well presented, with amazing personalities.
  3. You can take your escort out with you to public events, places where it isn’t just personal between you and her. You can’t really do that with a stripper, and even if they did come out with you in public, it’d be so weird to do.
  4.  You don’t buy a stripper for sexual favours, it is illegal. The same applies for booking an escort. This means that realistically, the only reason you book a stripper is to sexually tease yourself. At least with an escort you can do more.

Your opinion, you decide. But whatever you do come up with, make sure that you book from the right places. Both Escorting and Stripping are things where quality does make a massive impact on the sessions. I don’t really know of any good stripping agencies, but Dior Escorts is a great one for Escorts in London.

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Dior Escorts – London Escort Agency

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