Where to go in Manchester?

Manchester is renowned for it’s night life and is a high competitor with London when it comes to it, this is because of the fact that there is such a diverse variety of clubs, bars, pubs here that there is something for everyone and that can’t usually be said about a lot of night club scenes. Manchester is unique in the sense that throughout the town there are various little hot beds where there are a collection of club. For example Deansgate locks or ‘the locks’ is a collection of trendy bars that are set under the arches of a renovated train track.

The places to go in Manchester

So what if it was your first time going out in Manchester, where would you want to go and what would you want to do? It can be hard navigating through so make sure that you book with one of our Manchester escorts so they can be your sexy tour guide through the confusing streets that compose this amazing town.
Here’s a good place to start, if you like the idea of a fun and quirky club and if you are a selective and detailed rum drinker, try the Revolution De Cuba for a funky change to what you’re usually used to. This flashy bar boasts a selection of over 50 premium rums. It opened on October the 2012 and has quickly become the busiest and one of the most liked bars in Manchester. It’s open late every evening and usually has a quality range of live musisakura-exclusivehire300c on so you can sit back, relax and enjoy you drink.
What about the Hula tiki lounge for a more warm hearted yet slightly more insane night. The Hula Tiki bar gets its design inspiration from a 1950’s style tiki bar. The Hulu Tiki Bar is based in the northern quarter where there are loads of other amazingly diverse bars. Another amazing thing about this bar is the fact that it’s found in a basement which just adds to the character and novelty of it. There is also a vast range of cocktails and drinks which are in fitting to the style it is in especially with a Manchester escort.
Last but certainly not least is Sakura, this is a gorgeous little hide out that is found in Deansgate locks. It has its doors open five days a week and doesn’t fail to impress when it does. Sakura owns some incredible furniture which is themed to fit Japanese pop culture. yet in another part of this exclusive club the theme is then blended into a more calm contemporary club. It is a real feast for the eyes and a brilliant place to take out one of our elite Cheshire escorts to.

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