Where can you book escorts in Surrey?

Surrey, being situated in the South West area of London is close enough to the city to book girls from every district. But what if you want an outcall nearby? What if you don’t want to travel? We’re going to help you with this issue today, by giving you a few places to find your next date.

In this article you will find appropriate places to find & book a Surrey escort. If that is something you are searching for, read on.

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Here at escorts-world we’re lazy sometimes, we want the Surrey escorts to come to us. We like to bring them back up to our hotel rooms for drinks and fun. If you feel the same way and would like a companion at your door in Surrey, this article might just be for you!

How is Surrey for booking call girls?

Surrey is actually a fairly popular area for booking courtesans, however, the internet search results can be a little sketchy at times. All you can see is Vivastreet independent girls and a few escort agencies that don’t cater directly to Surrey itself! While these websites aren’t particularly bad to try and book girls from, you will often end up having to pay an additional travel price or plan long in advance. That’s no good, is it?

Today we shall throw you a few bones and show you our favourite sites and providers that we use when we’re in Surrey. Bear in mind, we cannot guarantee exemplary encounters when you book using the sites below, but we can attest that they have served us well in the past!

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Good sources to book Surrey escorts

Punters seeking a good Surrey escort service to use will find a rather large selection to choose from. Unfortunately, the selection process is a little bit more difficult than that. With all the agencies and independent ladies vying for your attentions in Surrey across the web, which one do you choose?

Finding a good Surrey escort is easier than you might think. All it takes is a little research, a few phone calls, and a can do attitude. Or, you can just use one of the providers below and skip all the hard work.

Angels Escorts Surrey:

Angels Escorts Surrey Graphic

The Angels Escorts have a credible history as an escort service in Surrey.

New escort agency on the scene with lots of high class girls at really affordable prices. We weren’t going to give an agency a shout out in this article but the two ladies we’ve booked from Angels escorts in Surrey were all around marvelous ladies.

Edit 22/11/2016: The Angels Escorts Surrey are now a prominent local service provider and definitely a top tier local service, we use them regularly.

Why should you get your Surrey escorts from the angels?

  • £150 per hour for an outcall, all around great service.
  • Reliable escort agency that has been in business in Surrey for a long time.
  • Caters to all local areas including Guildford, Gatwick, and Heathrow.

UK Adult Zone:

Personally we’ve never been particularly fond of UK Adult Zone, they don’t moderate their listings and they charge a bomb for ads. However, they have quite a good Surrey escorts page which is worth taking a look at if you’re in a pinch for girls (note: as of writing this article the Surrey section at UK Adult Zone is down, hmm not a great sign).

Why to go to UK Adult Zone?

  • Recommended if you want to search for independents.
  • A fair amount of listings to choose from.


Backpage logo image

You can always find an independent on Backpage.

Ever the notorious behemoth of the escort industry, backpage can also be used to search for adult entertainment in the Surrey area. Unfortunately the site does not have a dedicated category or subdomain set up for Surrey directly, therefore finding a good escort nearby is a jackpot.

When is Backpage appropriate to search for a companion?

  • Backpage has always been excellent for up to date listings day by day. Doubtlessly, it is one of the best places to search for an escort in the short term.
  • The escort advertisements on Backpage are often independent girls and the quality of their service can’t always be verified.
  • We’d use Backpage whenever all of our favorite agencies have nobody available and we want to book a courtesan on the same day.

London Punt:

London Punt gif image

London Punt has a rather large directory, excellent for find a new agency.

London Punt is a new titan on the streets of the city, this escort directory is good for finding local ladies in Surrey and other places around it. Give it a try, it might not be for you. We use this London escort directory more and more frequently as it expands.

Edit 22/11/2016: London Punt is now an extremely large database of London escorts, plenty of which will come and visit you for an encounter in the Surrey area.

When should you use London Punt to find escorts in Surrey?

  • If you are on the outskirts of London, we highly recommend you search through London Punt.
  • You want a reliable agency to book from, London Punt is a good place to search.
  • Very good general all around escort directory for use around areas near London.


192 logo image

192 are a prominent web resource, you might have heard of them. Unfortunately it doesn’t particularly extend to the escort industry.

Whilst 192 really isn’t the type of site you would expect to find a courtesan, you can actually spot a few hidden agency gems there! Give it a try for yourself, they have a few good Surrey listings and all it takes it one or two to fulfill your needs. Bear in mind 192 doesn’t really have any independent girls, just Surrey escort agencies.

Edit 22/11/2016: Since this article was originally written, 192 has not been updated and therefore is no longer as useful as the other sources listed here.

When to use 192.com?

  • It’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel, but you can find a few decent escort agencies to look through.
  • 192 is a last resort type thing, the other resources on this list come first.


Picture of a Surrey escorts

Top pick?

Well, now that you have several options to search for adult entertainment in Surrey, here’s how we think is best to proceed. If you’re looking for an escort in Surrey today or in the near future, our first port of call would be the Angels Escorts Surrey to see if there are any ladies who catch your eye. From there if you can’t find a Surrey escort suitable for you, move on to the other sites on the list and give them a try.