When an Escort Becomes an Undercover Agent

In the news this week was the astonishing story of Rebecca Kade, real name Rebecca Woodward, who has revealed her remarkable story of how she went from being an elite London escort to undercover agent to bite the hand that fed her. Rebecca who was a single mum by day and high class escort by night dealing with some of the most powerful and exclusive businessmen on the planet. However one day all of this changed when she made a deal with Manhattan’s DA to become a double agent in return for her own immunity. Kate has essentially admitted that the information she provided help bring down her former boss, soccer mom madam, Anna Gristina

What is very surprising about the story is the fact that Rebecca was forced to continue working for soccer mom maddam in attempt to gather more information to secure her final demise. Essentially they were enforcing that ends justify the means and in-fact breaking the law by enforcing her to continue as a model London escorts. She eventually took the plunge by agreeing to wear a wire in which would be her final meeting with the notorious madam. As reported in the NY post, Rebecca Kade was also enforced to give any cash made during her bookings to the DA’s office.

The conspiracies go deeper, as the assistant district Attorney left his job for another, higher role within the American government and told the model London escort that all of her undercover work was without purpose as it would have been instantly dismissed as it would have been inadmissible in court. Rebecca Woodward was then blackmailed to continue the investigation under the threat of being arrested for prostitution. This story is very interesting, read the full story here.

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