What Brings Tourists to London?

London, being one of the major tourist destinations in the world, clearly has a fair few things to draw in the tourists, but what are some good examples of these attractions? There are many different things which could be said to be attracting tourists, ranging from the incredible nightlife, amazing history and fascinating landmarks. In this article I will be going over some of the many things that bring people in to the English capital which everyone should check out.

First we will talk about the incredible nightlife that London has to offer. With some of the country’s finest pubs and clubs as well as a booming adult industry, whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in London. With possibilities ranging from a night out with the lads until the early hours of the morning to an evening at one of London’s many comedy clubs or even a relaxing booking for a London tantric massage.

Of course there is more to London than just the nightlife, London also has a very diverse and exceptional history, with rulers from many different countries around the world at various points, including the Romans, the French and the Vikings. As a result of this, London now has some of the world’s best museums, such as the British Museum which has some of the most exciting and important artifacts that have been discovered in our world. These artifacts include things such as the famous Rosetta stone which has helped us enormously in our understanding of Egyptian texts and even a statue from Easter Island, one of the most mysterious places in the world.

There are also many landmarks around the capital, such as the London eye, which is one of the best places for you to go if you’re new to London as this giant Ferris wheel gives you a great overhead view of the city and allows you to get a much better sense of direction. Some other famous landmarks are places like the Tower of London which was once a huge prison in London, however now essentially just stands as a memory of the ages it has lived through. Of course, nobody visiting London could forget to visit Big Ben, the bell in the giant clock tower on Downing Street.