“ugotposted” website owner exposed

The website ugot posted has been the centre of controversy for a long time due to its unusual nature. Well ts plays on something which happens to most of us at some time our lives and exploits it. Basically you break up with your girlfriend in some way that you feel it was unjust and you would love nothing more than to have a little revenge in the form of embarrassment is a possible option. Essentially the ugotpost website gave people a platform to act out thier revenge which in its self is pretty outrageous and in fact against the law in some states of America. The laws against posting images without consent in a malicious way was swiftly introduced becasue of websites like this.  Not only is it a problem for the person in question (which is not always woman by the way) but the website owner has use the site as a device to make him rich which is on a new level of messed up.

a sceenshot of the website ugotposted.com

Some people tend to not bother with short term relationships and if they want a little bit of fun they tend to book Asian escorts instead. This is a really good idea to be honest and one which i have stuck to myself. I live in London and there is an escort agency called variety 69 who offer these kind of escort services.  But, if you found yourself in the situation that thousands of people did then there is not much you can do about it so dont dwell on the past.

The good news is the person who created the website has been exposed. Kevin Bollaert is thought to have been the man behind the ugot posted website and it is thought he has made a serious amount of money from this short lived venture. The sexually explicit images were made public – they could be removed; for a price which usually was in the region of several hundred pounds. The website when live in december 2012 and immediately started posting images of people without their consent. Users of the website were also given links so social networking accounts of the victims which usually resulting in abuse. At least they were made aware of the content lurking on ugotposted.


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