The Truth behind booking TS escorts

Tran-sexual Escorts: The Stigma

Today we’re going to discuss a very serious and rather underlying factor that has been frequent in our society for a number of years. Within London’s booming adult and escort industry one type of companion has arisen as the most popular choice for men and that is TS escorts London. Similar patterns have arisen within the porn industry that has seen shemale related porn, be it solo or interactive with woman become the most popular type of searched pornography on the internet. lets take a look at some of the reasons behind this.

a symbol of respect for transexualsFirstly straight, heterosexual men who like shemale pornography may seem like a rare occurrence, however the only reason this is because they don’t shout it from the roof tops. It is something that a lot of men have in common, and are often afraid to admit their secret as they will be often be met with misconceived perceptions and not full understanding of the situation. Many people automatically assume than a man who is attracted to Ts escorts London will be gay or at least bisexual however this is the sort of false judgements that lead people not to come out with their true feelings. Men who are attracted to shemale escorts London are heterosexual, if they were gay they would like men, to say that they are one of the same because they both have a penis is false and ignorant.

When choosing to watch porn, does a gay man want to watch porn with a TS escort, no they want to watch men as this is what they attracted to. Similarly heterosexuals watch shemale porn because they attracted to the appearance and femininity of a women and yet posses the familiarity of a penis. Homosexual men desire a man, with male characteristics, a male body and identity, not TS escorts London.

TS escorts London are a fetish, and a very popular one at that. If you have ever been turned on by shemale pornography or would like to experiment with this fetish, then we recommend spending an evening with Naughty Shemales. Enjoy a private, secluded evening and fulfill your fantasies and sample the most popular choice of companion in the capital.

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