Top five gifts for London escorts

If you’re the type that likes to buy gifts for your London escorts then we have the perfect little list for you to peruse…

Having a secret mistress is a wonderful feeling, especially if you’re the type of gentleman that likes to spoil them from time to time when you visit.  Traveling to London on business may be a pleasure on so many levels, but visiting one of the best London escorts you can find makes it even better; especially if you’ve managed to build up a regular relationship with them.

So it’s about time you showed them just how much they mean to you right?  Of course it is.  Take a look at this little list and choose from some of the top gifts on the market today for your gorgeous London escorts.  You know you want to, and we definitely know that the type of girls we represent will love them too!

Our Top Five

  • Bags. Just what it is about girls and bags we’ll never quite fully understand, but apparently they like them a lot; oh… And they can’t have too many!  You’re better off buying designer bags if you can get your hands on some serious cash.  You can find them in the boutiques in London and the better department stores like Harrods, but com is a pretty good site if you want to order online and have them delivered.  Just an idea!
  • Spa weekend. This is always a nice surprise for any woman.  A weekend away (or perhaps just a day) to a luxurious spa where she can get all the special treatment you know she deserves.  You might want to check that she’s going to be available that weekend of course.  Maybe you could join her?
  • Chocolates/Food. Yes they have to watch their figures, but let’s allow them to worry about that shall we?  Chocolates and fine luxury food items are always welcomed by the girls.  They live their lives surrounded by the best of everything when they go out on dates etc. so they grow quite accustomed to eating well.  There’s a lovely little online luxury food website called Petrossian that delivers everything from caviar to fine, hand crafted chocolates.
  • OF course we were getting there!  Every young London escort loves to get some stunning and expensive lingerie.  Buy the best for your mistress and who knows, you might even get to see her wear it for you!
  • Jewellery. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but then any jewellery is a welcome gift from a client.  You clearly have impeccable taste because you’re here on this website, so the girls are sure to trust your judgement when making a choice.  Be sure to make it expensive!

Of course, all these gifts work just as well on your wife or girlfriend if you have one!  Only they might not be as appreciative as a London escort will be the next time you see her!

Where to buy them?

It’s little use to you if we give you our recommendations for gifts but don’t also tell you where’s best to buy them. With so many shops throughout London it can be difficult choosing the best, with the perfect combination of quality and price. It’s no secret London is one of the most expensive cities in the world and we don’t you to feel like you have to spend a huge amount just to impress our girls.

As one of the most well known retail districts we highly recommend to start in Knightsbridge. It’s located in West London and identifies as one of the two international retail centres of London. As possibly the most famous store in the world Harrods is great for anyone looking for something a little special that will really make your companion fall for you.


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