Top 3 Mature Escorts from CI Manchester Escorts


Manchester has to be one of England’s most well known areas and this is no doubt down to the array of attractions that you will stumble across with each visit. Here I will be talking about my Top 3 Mature escorts from Ci Manchester, and why you will want to book these elegant ladies for a night out in Manchester.

We all know that booking an escort can lead to come evening that we will never want to forget, and is something each and everyone of us should do in our lifetimes, although many of us find it difficult to find our perfect escort. Here I will be going through the top recommendation for those who love their mature women, and the erotic elegance that follows.

Mature escorts have to be one of the best in the industry, although they may not have the asset of youth. These ladies have something much better, as we all know wine only gets better with age and with these escorts it’s exactly the same. Mature escorts have the experience to ensure you have an evening you will never want to forget, not forgetting the the outlook they have which simply echo’s elegance and charm when sharing an experience together.


Geri from CI Manchester EscortsGeri from CI Manchester EscortsGeri from CI Manchester Escorts

Geri is one of a kind and happens to be my personal favourite when it comes to booking ladies from CI Manchester Escorts. Her figure is a mirror image of a 20 year old model and she has the curves to go with it. Long brunette hair flows down to almost cover her amazing 34D breasts and yes to your excitement, they’re 100% natural. Geri has an array of reason for why she can become your favourite escort and this is no doubt down to her warm and welcoming personality.

This should certainly enough to ensure you have a peaceful and calm experience when booking with her although that’s not all when it comes to the things she can do, as many of our mature escorts have some kink to them and they’re more than happy to provide that in their services to ensure an erotic night like no other.


Tara from CI Manchester EscortsTara from CI Manchester EscortsTara from CI Manchester Escorts

Tara has to be an escort that I have always kept my eye on and this is for a range of reasons, as this gorgeous Mature escort has the assets to make your eyes widen and jaw drop, she has a curvaceous figure with a slim waist which is enough to make you wonder if she is a lot younger than she says she is. Her golden blonde hair is enough to cover her amazing 36DD breasts, and yes these girls are completely natural which will be music to many guys ears.

Her personality is adventurous, outgoing and exciting and you would be right to expect exactly that when sharing a bed with the gorgeous escort. Make sure you visit her profile to find out more on the reasons for why she can quickly become your favourite escort and why you will want to book her over and over again.


Vanessa from CI Manchester EscortsVanessa from CI Manchester EscortsVanessa from CI Manchester Escorts

Vanessa is certainly an eyeful of beauty and many of you will want to look upon her for hours, and some of us may get that opportunity. Vanessa enjoys nothing more than being the best escort you have ever see, and she achieves this with her confidence and charm, enough to get you excited about booking her as there is nothing less than a magical experience awaiting you when at the hands of CI’s Vanessa. From shoulder length brown hair, to a curvaceous and firm figure she has what it takes to make you book again which is exactly what you will want.

If you would like to be at the mercy of their delightful mature escorts then make sure you visit the website where you can find more and more about how to book and what information you will need. An erotic and lust fuelled night is ahead of you, and your journey starts here with CI Manchester Escorts.

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