The world’s largest shopping centre in the world

Dubai has been shaped over the years to be the centre of tourism for the gulf coast. The new city will be one of the most extravagant in the world with the tallest building in the world, the best hotels with the highest star rating in the world. One hotel actually has a seven star rating because of its unprecedented extravagance and offering the ultimate in customer care. At the centre of the new Dubai will be a shopping mall that will be so amazing it will inspire people from around the world to come and see it.


The mall at the centre of Dubai is the perfect place to spend time with high class escorts from agencies such as the world renowned escorts Berlin. There are over 1200 high class shops here with something for everyone, essentially you could have anything that you desire from this magnificent place – there are the biggest fashion designers, restaurant’s, car manufactures and much, much more to be enjoyed. What is most amazing about the mall is not the mall itself but, how quickly the building was put up which originally started out as a ground floor structure which was changed within 6 months to a two story structure that houses the full 1200 shops.

One of the more quirky elements of the Dubai mall is the massive aquarium which visitors can see through a large acrylic window which is the biggest aquarium viewing screen in the world. The list continues on with amazing achievements such as a full sized ice rink which doesn’t seem too amazing but, when you know the fact the temperature’s on the outside of the building reach a staggering 50 degrees it something pretty special to have in a mall.

The mall consists of 37 buildings which start off with an Arabian souf and leads all the way through to a tremendous entertainment centre. This has massive Cinema and, believe it or not a roller coaster which sits on an area spanning 1 kilometer. The Dubai mall is an amazing achievement and a true record breaker as it dwarfs the China and America malls.

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