The first date!

There are many things that run through your head when you take a girl out on the first date. You’re a mixture of emotions, you’re scared, anxious, worried, exited, and so on. I know that it sounds like I’m making it sound as bad as possible, but sometimes it really is that nerve wrecking! You’re sat there sick and worried that you’re going to make the best impression. So if you’re not able to create yourself a plan to calm yourself down, you’re going too feel even worse. But what’s the crack, what’s the first thing you do?

Location for the date

The first thing I’d think about is where to meet, because you can’t choose somewhere that is so far away that your companion is going to get worried going there with you. You can’t choose anything close to her really either, what if she hates the place, or even worse, it’s where her and her ex hung out. But the answer is simple, just find a middle ground. Somewhere you know is fun but is a bit out of her way to you know she’s not there every night.

Then there’s just setting the tone, from the very beginning where you have to make a simple greeting. What will it be? Just a modest ‘hello’? are you going to crack a joke, or maybe even make yourself look a little more sophisticated and classy? Honestly there’s no clean cut answer to this, just be yourself. The more you pretend to be someone else, the more that you’re just postponing them getting to know the ‘real’ you.

Dress to Impress

This doesn’t mean you get to be the laid back slob that you are during a Sunday evening. Be the ‘you’ that enjoys going out and impressing women. Wear something nice, and always have a creative flare throughout the date. Keep your attention on the person you’re with but don’t be one of those weirdos that is constantly gazing at her because it can be a tad creepy. Obviously don’t get too drunk, and most importantly, smile and be yourself.

Always offer to pay for any expenses during the date because you’re the one taking her out, not the other way around. But what you’re wondering more probably, is how does it all end?  Go for the plunge I’d say, because nothing better than that moment where you get to embrace each other when not around anyone. If no then fine, never, ever be pushy. Just make it aware you want to see more of her. If this is something that you are still nervous about then why not book a Bangkok escort from Absolute Angels Bangkok to help calm those nerves and make you more confident in the company of lady.


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