The Finest Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas is a trip any man dreams of, with attractions varying from sunny resorts where you can relax by the pool to high end casinos and strip clubs. The city of sins is truly one of the finest places for you to enjoy everything that Nevada can possibly offer you, but with all of these options of hotels to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Worry not! In this article I plan to answer that question with a short overview on my personal favourite Las Vegas hotels and why I think they are perfect for different kinds of visitors.1459934575_staff_550_5704d56f06f45_tn

Caesars Palace

One of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is always a great option. With an interesting Roman theme, you can always count on this hotel if you’re the kind of person who lives for entertainment. This resort hotel has everything from a wide variety of room choices to one of the finest Las Vegas casinos which makes it perfect for anyone interested in an exciting stay in a very versatile hotel.

The Mirage

Another of the more famous hotels that Las Vegas has to offer, the Mirage is perfect for anyone looking for a more relaxing time while still enjoying the nightlife that Las Vegas has to offer. This hotel practically oozes with class and in fact has some of the most luxurious rooms you will find anywhere on the strip, which makes it perfect for a booking with a Las Vegas escort from an agency such as Playtime Escorts (which can be found on their website at This hotel is also centrally located on the strip making a bit of exploration much less of a tedious task.

Mandarin Oriental

If you’re looking for a hotel which is really something special, then you can’t go wrong with the Mandarin Oriental, one of the few hotels without a casino on the strip, which is why this hotel is perfect for anyone who is looking for people who aren’t all that interested in the gambling aspect of Las Vegas.