Summer is here in Paris

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Eve Loves The Heat Being a High-Class Paris Escort

While in England, the nation is basking in a brief heat wave of temperatures reaching above 20C and everyone getting the first initial tastes of summer 2015. Meanwhile, in France, Parisians are experiencing the same taste summer but on a slightly different scale. Temperatures over the next few days are set to reach up to 30C making now a better time than any to head to the French capital and book a high-class Paris escort. Now is the perfect time to experience the most romantic city in the world at its brilliant best, here’s a few exciting things you may want to get up to.

Paris is an excellent city and presents a whole bounty of exciting things to discover, although the size and scale of the city mean it can be a little overwhelming, to those who are visiting for the first time, especially if you do not speak the language. That is precisely why Paris escorts are so important as the provide the local knowledge and experience whilst are also able to translate and help break down the language barrier. Whether it’s navigating your way through the Parisian backroads or bartering in a local market, the company of a Paris escort serves more purposes other than just being a beautiful companion.

Warmth & Comfort With Eve

There is few better way to spend a warm summers afternoon in Paris than just embracing the culture and soaking up the summer. The perfect place to do this is Canal St-Martin, reminiscent of Amsterdam, it’s a highly picturesque place sit and people watch and watch the boats chug through the locks. You can also take a romantic boat ride along the canal between the Musee d’Orsay and Parc de la Villette and Canauxrama.

Finally one of the best things do with a high class Paris escort, especially when the weather is nice, is enjoy each others company over a delicious cocktail. There are many excellent cocktail bars in Paris to enjoy, but none better than the experimental cocktail club. With a huge list of cocktails of every possible variation you are sure to find a delicious concoction that tickles your fancy. Created by some of the best mixologists in Paris, this will be a truly eye opening experience if your a newcomer to the cocktail scene. Be sure to enjoy it all in the company of an independent Paris escort.