Stunning Singapore Escorts

Carmen 1So last week my boss shipped me off to the beautiful Singapore for 7 days and by day 2 I was getting a little lonely my normal escort agency which is based in London would not do. So I jumped on my laptop to look for a companion for the remainder of my trip as no man should go 7 days without being with someone. After many hours of research I found Singapore Escort Agency and they had a selection of some of the most stunning women I had ever seen. It possibly had to be the hardest decision ever when picking the girl I wanted to spend the remainder of my trip with.

So after a couple hours of wondering which girl i was going to spend the rest of my trip with I finally picked the amazing Carmen. Now when I say Carmen was amazing I truly mean just by looking at her pictures you can tell she is truly a stunning person. Her long blonde hair and perfect body made it nearly impossible for me to not spend my trip with her. So I booked her and had planned for her to meet me in the restaurant in my hotel. When she arrived I was blown away she looked a million times better in person than she ever did on the website. She arrived wearing a long red dress which left nothing to the imagination.

So she sat down at my table and we enjoyed an amazing meal with an amazing bottle of champaign to accompany are meal. We had amazing conversations and she really did make the night one I probably will never forget. After the meal we decided it was time to head up to my room to enjoy a bottle of the finest wine they had at the hotel. So we sat down across from the fire and enjoyed are wine as talked and watch the fire blaze. After that well let’s just say we enjoyed each other’s company in the bedroom. The rest of the week went relatively the same and I came home at the end of the week.

I was a little disappointed when I returned as I wouldn’t get to spend any time with my Singapore Escort. Well at least I still had my London girl. If you would like to book any of the girls at Singapore Escort Agency then make sure you head on over to their website and book one of them today.