Services and abbreviations, what are they?

You may notice that when you go on to an escort agencies website you see different little collections of letters that make up funny words, usually under the stats of the escort. If you’re someone who is new to the process of buying an escort then these words most probably mean nothing to you. However if you’re an avid user of escorts, usually the more that you book one the more that you know. Believe it or not these little letters are far more important than what you may think.a symbol that represents bdsm

Each and every individual weird little word mean services, lets take ‘CIM’ for example, ‘CIM’ is something that you’ll see around most escort sites and is commonly interpreted for ‘Cum in mouth’. Never heard of that one? well what about ‘BDSM’ which is commonly known as bondage or discipline. Some aren’t just abbreviated as they’ll usually have a common slang term for it, such as A-level which is commonly known as anal sex.

Every little individual word is  a piece of information which you must go by bit by bit. Some can even be ridiculous phrases such as ‘BBBJTCNQNS’, if you see this somewhere this may seem like none sense however believe it or not it, the abbreviation actually means ‘bare back blow job to completion, no quit, no spit.’

Every little bit on an escort agency is composed perfectly with a very high amount of detail added to on top of ensure the clients efficiency through booking, know exactly what he’s booking. Check it out, the professional appearance of the site is bound to blow you away.

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