Recent news stories in London

Everyone likes to follow the news once in a while. Some of us are as devout to the news as a christian zealot is to religion. In society it’s always a bonus to appear well educated and in the know. Do you buy a newspaper everyday? Or read the Daily Mail online? Some people try not to keep up with the news for various legitimate reasons too, because the articles are always too¬†negative, or they find it bland and uninteresting.

Personally, I’ve always adopted a middle stance, as unbiased as possible. I don’t like all the negativity in the media. I do like to keep up with what has been going on in the world. So I tend to only browse the news when I find a swathe of stories that appeal or intrigue me. Here’s a few pieces of recent news in London that I found enticing:

Rental fraud


A new internet scam has come to light recently, involving the renting of London apartments. Various swindlers have been posting online ads for apartments and places to lease in London, cheaper than asking price. When a customer goes to view the posting, they are often eager to snap up the renting, because it’s too good to be true.

How the fraudsters get you is by asking for an immediate non-refundable deposit. Once you have paid, you will eventually have the unfortunate epiphany that the¬†flat or location you rented never really existed. This scam has been growing in recent years, and we’d recommend you ensure you check out accommodation before you pay for it, as is sensible.

Bus Lanes for electric cars

Bus Lanes electric cars

Not only are electric car users being allowed the use of bus lanes, but the government is trying to encourage the use of safe emissions vehicles by opening up free parking spaces around the city and funding countless other schemes throughout the country to ease society into this new regime.

It seems a little pointless to raise taxes and force people to pay extra to fund this endeavor, when it’s unlikely that the mass public is going to adopt the use of electric cars for years. However, it is an interesting concept, so let’s see how it develops.

Drug car hits 2 stores

Drugs car London crash

A car filled with drugs was found rather easily after it crashed into two stores around North London. The stores hit were a graphic design agency and a solicitors, no losses there. Casualties were zero. What’s funny about this story is the guy tried to run, leaving his car and the drugs behind. Wouldn’t surprise me if he jumped out with a bunch of escorts too.

Why would you try to run when they have your license plate and your drugs? Wouldn’t you try to hide them or something first?