Rail problems in London (again)

To think that you were getting a good deal on your train fare in 2013 would be like asking – Do i think that i got a good deal on the latest “in fashion” handbag from Louis Vuitton. For most of us in the real world this would be a resounding no. The problem with rail fares in the UK is that it has become somewhat of a luxury, something which takes a considerable amount of your monthly income which in most cases you just have to put with.

At the cost of a ticket you would at least expect the service to run smoothly, just like the Mercedes that you could be renting for the same monthly cost. But, no is the answer that we consistently get from rail operators as they continue to raise the cost of travel on a almost seasonal rate. The latest announcement about travel into London has come as a little bit of a shock to commuters – if you travel to London VIA the west coast mainline which includes major cities such as Birmingham, Northampton, Manchester and Scotland, you are being told to not travel on the train for an entire month.


The announcement is a year in advance which is good but, the disruption is simply unacceptable for some. One man claimed to have only 20 day a year of leave off work and the shutdown will be exactly 26 days, so he asks exactly what he can do about this. On the other hand alternative routes will be made for people who must travel into London which may include rail replacement buses and extended routes on other lines.

I was going to travel down from Manchester to book shemale escorts from London lady boys next year but, i will certainly make sure that i arrange different dates for my holiday. The method that network rail has probably been the smartest one as the work does need to be carried out as signalling and junctions have worn out which could cause even bigger problems if they were to fail. A spokesperson for Network said that the choice to perform block closures to the track save passengers the problem of many more closures which he said could have been up to 54 weeks.

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