How to prepare yourself to meet a London escort

If you’re planning to book one of London’s many escort companions you might have a few questions or queries about what you need to do before you arrive. This guide aims to give you a few pointers on things to check while you get ready for your appointment. The majority of these things may seem quite obvious but some punters can get a little bit caught up in the moment and forget to check these important little details. Here is a check list of things to remember so you can get the best from your booking:

  • Be on time

Whether you are booking London escorts an in call experience or an out call appointment at your home or hotel, you will need to ensure that you arrive on time. Escorts in London are often extremely busy and by turning up late, you will miss out on the full enjoyment of a session. Obviously, there are circumstances where being delayed is unavoidable, but if this is case, try to remember to call the agency so you can let them know what’s happening.

  • Remember to shower

This seems obvious and 99% of punters have no issues with personal hygiene whatsoever, however, some clients can be a little forgetful at times. Making sure that you have showered and done your best to maintain a decent standard of personal hygiene will help you to avoid any potentially embarrassing moments and will improve the experience you have with your escort companion. This is really just a case of good manners and etiquette. There’s no need to make a special effort but do make sure you cover the basics like showering, using deodorant and cleaning your teeth.

  • Have payment ready

Most London escort girls only accept cash payments, so rather than wasting valuable time during your booking, try to ensure you have enough money to cover the girl’s fees at the start of the appointment. Fees will always be agreed before you confirm your booking, so you will know how much cash to take out and also how long your booking is expected to last. Extending your experience may be possible, however, you must always check that this is ok with the escort themselves as they may have other appointments or social engagements to get to.

  • Relax

Many first time punters can feel a little nervous or uneasy when they make their first booking. This is perfectly natural, so try not to worry too much if you feel apprehensive or slightly on edge. Your escort companion will do everything she can to make you feel at ease, so just relax and let her take care of you. You may like to have a quick chat or offer her a beverage as this can help to break the ice get things moving.

As long as you remember these few pointers, there is no reason you can’t make the very best of your time with one of London’s many gorgeous escort girls. We hope you have found our article helpful, for more helpful information on how to treat a London escort visit this article:

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