Our experience with couple escorts

This blog is about a recent experience I had and a journey that I embarked on with my wife and two other wonderful people in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. I’ll start with a little bit of background information, I have been married somewhat happily for 15 years, to my wife whom I love very much. But after over decade of being with the same person, our personal life and love reached a period of stagnation. The situation became much better when the topic came out in the open and we both discuss our personal problems things we were frustrated about. Many things were said and we both agreed that we needed a holiday and we really needed to spice up our love life. So what better place to go on vacation than the most romantic city in the world Paris.

The one thing we were concerned about was that, although we would be in this beautiful and glamorous city, that it would still be the same old problems simply moved to a different location. This is why we decided to do something completely out of character and unlike us and chose to book Paris based couple escorts Couple VIP. This was a really bold decision for us as neither my wife or I had ever booked an escort before let alone with a partner. But we decided this would be something mutual that we could both enjoy and at the very least they would have excellent local knowledge and would be able to provide us with the information to explore the city to its full potential.

Our Couple Escorts date

We had arranged to meet Couple VIP, I won’t use their names for privacy purposes so we’ll call them K who was the man and E who was the woman on our first morning in Paris in the lobby of our hotel. As I walked down the stairs hand in hand with my partner we reached floor level and scanned the lobby for our high class Paris escorts. We saw a number of regular tourists going about checking in and out of the hotel and what can only be described as a celebrity couple sat on the hotel sofa. To our great excitement, these were our Paris couple escorts who we would be enjoying the next two days with, who looked exactly like they did on their gallery. K was a very suave gentleman in full suit and tie while E was wearing a beautiful summer dress that made her look like an actress on the set of some summer romantic movies.

We decided to go to cafe and grab and coffee and initially get to know our couple escorts on a more personal and intimate level. We found both of them an utter joy to be around, very funny and charming and both speaking English fluently but still remaining that strong but seductive Parisian accent, after not too long it was clear that chemistry was beginning to build. After a day of walking round the shops and seeing the museums and in general doing all of the tourist activities, when it reached around 8 o’clock in the evening. We were recommended to a restaurant by our Paris couple escorts who informed us that it was one of Paris’s hidden gems and the place go for the best standard of food but without the Michelin star price tag. Sat around eating escargot in a delicious butter and garlic sauce while drinking a glass of red wine, we started to laugh and talk amongst each other in a way we have not done in years. My wife had began to flirt and make suggestive remarks to myself and K and I certainly found E extremely attractive and could not help but have a beaming smile on my face.

When we arrived back at our hotel we could barely hold our excitement as we playfully made our way to our room. It was a very strange and exciting experience made much easier by the wine and the confidence of our Paris couple escorts. I started with my wife getting her in the mood with the foreplay that I know she enjoys. She began to shudder when K joined in and then to E. We were all pleasing my wife when E then turned to me and began kissing me. It was very strange kissing a beautiful woman 3 feet away from where my wife was kissing a beautiful man but one we both enjoying thoroughly. From then we very much followed the lead of Couple VIP who introduced to us a number of different positions and techniques that they had picked up and perfected. It was a truly magical experience of 4 souls becoming one and exploring their sexuality in a completely mutual and intimate way.

Booking Paris couple escorts was the exact thing that our marriage needed at the time, we needed some excitement and to try something different and daring. I can only talk from my own experience and it could very possibly of saved my marriage. It was the kick start our love life needed and we owe it all to K and E. All I will say is if your marriage has hit a snag and you feel in a rut, if your partner is adventurous and open minded enough couple escorts are a great way of working out your problems so you can enjoy a period of time with no worries and pure excitement. If you are interested in the services of Couple VIP then here is a link to their website where you can find out a bite more information. www.couplevip.com