New Escort Agency opening in Scotland

Recently a brand new escort agency has opened up in Scotland and they are quickly starting to show off exactly what they are capable off. If you haven’t noticed to them yet they are called Perfect Escorts and they are planning to offer escorts all over Scotland. Now this is rather different than in the past as a number of the agencies we have seen only work in one location. For example an agency who offers Glasgow escorts would only be based in Glasgow but not perfect.

Currently Perfect Escorts is working on offering companions in Glasgow and Dundee as well as looking to start offering companions in Aberdeen, Inverness and much more. For me this is incredible as its kind of uniting all of the best escorts in Scotland and advertising them to a broader audience. Personally I can not wait for Perfect Escorts to become better know in the Scottish escort world as I do believe they will be the best place to advertise yourself if you are looking to start working as a Scottish escort.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of Perfect Escorts her name is Theresa and she is actually one of the girls working on the site. I find this great as I have been with a number of agencies where some random guy runs it and has no idea what its like to be an escort. As I said though we had a conversation about what she hoped to accomplish with this escort agency and what’s different about the agency she runs and here is what she said.

“First off I main plan for this agency is to get it to page one for a number of locations so we can get recognized and people will start to notice our brand. I am also planning on making the agency a hotspot for people looking to advertise themselves. As you are aware agencies are basically a advertising platform for escorts but with more security. Well that’s what I want this site to become.”

We spoke about a number of different topics but I am going to be keeping the rest for a later date so check back in the future.