Marylebone Tantric Massage: What To Expect

Marylebone has always been an area of London known for its impressive talent when it comes to companionship. Moreover, I wanted to learn a little about the tantric massage opportunities offered in such a high-class area. I asked London Tantric, one of the top massage parlours in all of London, about what to expect from their tantric massage Marylebone and how you can best prepare for such an amazing experience. I also added my own opinion on the incredible benefits that come with a tantric massage with reference to my own experience after booking from London Tantric.

Treat yourself to a bit of stress relief!

It is hard dealing with your own stress but sometimes it is not even that which worries us but we might have someone we care for in our lives that is also stressed and they need us there. So, how do you balance that? How do you effectively help someone when they’re stressed? A lot of times men come up to me and ask me how they can help their wives or girlfriends when stress hits them because women handle things differently than men. So here is a small list of things you can do that will help someone (man or woman) that you love deal with stress.


I find this to be a problem most common to men than to women… when someone is stressed and they tell you about it the first thing we want to do is suggest ways in which they can deal with it. They want us to help them right? Wrong. Most people are perfectly capable of helping themselves so just be quiet and listen, be empathic, tell them it sucks what they’re going to and only offer advice when the person asks for it.


Why not plan something nice for them but mind the timing: You might think it is a great idea to go away to Marylebone for the weekend and have couple’s tantric massages if they have a big deadline coming u they need to finish or an exam to study for but perhaps plan it for right after so your partner has something to look forward to!


Assisting where you can without asking is big for men. Sure, you can bring her flowers and take her out t dinner but it’s more likely that what she really wants is for you to take out the trash, to but a load of laundry in the washer or maybe vacuum the house. For men these things are always ‘done’ but for women they are chores. Take on those chores and then maybe take her out for some relaxation and listening and you will see just how much that can make someone’s entire day change.

Usually, we are pretty good at keeping track of the amazing things that happen to us during the day. You can count how many times you were kissed today or how many times you were given good news. You might even remember how many strangers smiled at you today. So, how many orgasms have you had today? Sure, maybe it is still early in the morning so what about last night? What about this entire week? How many times can you say that you have had an orgasm?

Maybe you are tired, maybe yesterday wasn’t the right day for it or maybe you have been working too hard. But maybe the truth is that you haven’t had an orgasm because you haven’t made time for it. That is actually what tantric massages in Marylebone are for me now. It means making sure that I make time for pleasure. Sure, sometimes the massages happen and I don’t orgasm but I can at least say that I tried today to give my body the pleasure that it craves.

An experience I won’t forget

Sometimes now I have more than one orgasm during sex, something a man in his mid-thirties is not exactly known for but thanks to tantric massages I can. Tantric massages in Marylebone has truly changed how I view enjoying pleasure and how I add it to my day. I see it now as a priority, not a treat. Before when I didn’t make time for it stress was the only thing that figured into my day as the number one thing and while I still will always put work ahead of pleasure they are more equally spread out now.

So, next time you have some free time try to give yourself a time out for pleasure even if you are not exactly in the mood because, in the end, you make the mood. If you still need more of an incentive then a tantric massage might be the thing that gets you going and after you’ve tried that trust me when I say you won’t want to stop.

If you yourself are looking to learn a little extra about the art of tantric massage and how you can use it with your partner we highly recommend picking up this book from Amazon:

If you yourself want to book a tantric massage then feel free to head over to London Tantric and have a look through all their impressive masseuses. Bookings can be made either over the phone or on their bookings page.

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