The Ideal Wash Bag – A Punter’s Kit for Success

A gentleman who knows how to conduct himself properly during meetings with his adult entertainment will never be without his handy Wash Bag. It doesn’t matter whether you like to meet your escorts clean, beautiful, and groomed or if you need to hide your activities from your spouse – A bag filled with all the right equipment is a crucial part of any punters kit.


Why should every gentleman have a Wash Bag?

Whether you are visiting family or having a holiday with you partner there is the essential element of packing to be done before you can set off on your holidays. For women this always seems to be easier than for men as you there will inevitably be the moment where the socks have not been packed or not enough boxers for the amount of days of the holiday. One element which I always find is the most overlooked is the man’s wash bag. Every modern man should have a wash bag that is well stocked and ready for any occasion.

We have tried to offer a short list here of absolute necessities that a man’s wash bag should contain.

5. Deodorant is a man’s best friend

We recommend a roll on that will take up less space and keep you dry all day. There are many quality products in this area and if you are going anywhere this is a must. Strangely this is also one of the items that we found is forgotten most often by men when they pack their toiletries. L’Oreal have a greater deodorant that does not mark clothes of any colour and it will keep you dry and smelling sweet all day.


4. A shaver or razor for essential grooming

We recommend taking a shaver to maintain your designer stubble as a razor can be tiresome when you also have to take shaving foam with you. If you prefer a wet shave then there are several great offerings from Gillete that are smooth on the skin but for the best finish we recommend the new Fusion ProGlide Styler. It is the height of male grooming and perfect for those trips away.


3. Toothbrush / Toothpaste for fresh breath

These two go hand in hand and are a standard in basic hygiene. There is nothing worse than someone with bad breath through not brushing their teeth. It is the basics of being clean and so this is a must for every wash bag and travel bag. Luckily if you do forget this item it is something that does not matter which brand or type you use as long as the general function is the same. You will be wanting to be smelling great if you are meeting a girl from exclusive company.


2. Body and Hair Wash to smell fresh

The best option when it comes to using body wash is to take your own. Many people can react in different ways to different kinds of soap and there could be nothing worse than having a rash or flaky skin during your time away. If you use a body and hair wash in one then you are killing two birds with one stone and are assured that your scent will always be the one you desire.


1. Moisturizer for the final touch

I am one of those unfortunate people who’s skin is a mess without moisturiser. If you are having late nights with family or friends and getting up early to make the most of your days off, then the first thing that is going to tell the tale of your tiredness is your skin. If you want to maintain your healthy glow and good skin condition. We recommend using a good quality moisturiser especially after shaving as this will beat the signs of fatigue and make you feel more awake as well.


Some notable mentions must go to a good fragrance that can be sprayed on for the more special occasions and hair product to keep your look as good as it is at home. It is overlooked far to often what the modern man must do to look their best and the grooming process that is involved. Don’t let your standards drop just because you are away for the festive season.

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