Male Escorts in Manchester: Learn Facts About the City

Every single person from Manchester will tell you that they are a proud Mancunian. The second largest city in the UK is home to so many things we love. From Big Boys Manchester to being the centre of the music revolution, there certainly are so many reasons to be delighted to call Manchester home. Whether you love Oasis or Manchester United, having a curry or black pudding, Manchester has so much to offer. Boasting amazing restaurant due to the world famous curry mile and being the city where the worlds first computer was created, Manchester has a lot of secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Continue reading to learn more facts about Manchester that may take you by surprise.

Male Manchester Escorts and Diversity

Manchester is known for its diversity. A palace where communities come together, you will find groups of people from the gay community to foreign tourists walking from Canal Street to China Town. Everyone is welcome in Manchester and that is why it is no surprise that with a population of 2.5 million, our city is the most linguistically diverse in Western Europe. With over two hundred spoken languages, one minute you with be saying ‘hi’ the next ‘au revoir’.

Manchester offers a safe haven and an environment for communities which have been discriminated against over the years. With an openly gay section of Manchester (Canal Street, M1 3HE) offering gay bars and nightclubs, Manchester is a great city for the LGBT community to gather and meet. Due to this, a male Manchester escort agency called Big Boys Manchester has become renowned across the North West for providing the best male and gay escorts in Manchester.

More Than Meets the Eye

Manchester is a hotspot for its nightlife and amazing restaurants. With the world famous Curry Mile which stretches over a mile and a half of Manchester roads, you can experience a taste of South Asia with the widest variety of curry houses. With over 70 eating spots offering flavourful curries, the only other place to gain a taste of Asia would be to visit the country itself.

Manchester is one of the leading cities for education in the world. With over 100,000 students living in the area meaning Manchester has the largest student population of any city in Europe. This may be down to the welcoming residents or the exclusive courses with Manchester university being the only university in the world offering a mummy studies where you can examine the history of Egypt’s traditions.

The home of ideas and inventions, the world’s first passenger train station was founded in Manchester in 1830. The station offered so many new ideas that changed how railways are used today. The station includes the first double track railway system which included a signalling system and was ran on a timetable. The station was later used to have the first train carry mail using its journeys.

I hope these five facts have opened your eyes to just some of the history and intrigue that makes Manchester such a special city. So why not visit Manchester and during your visit enhance your time here by booking a male or gay Manchester escort from Big Boys the leading providers of companions to you.


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