Kate Moss turns 40

Kate Moss is one of the most successful models in the modern era of fashion. Just last year she was still rated as one of the top earners in the industry and she is an icon to a generation of young models and women everywhere. A successful based on the rare trait that her face is nearly symmetrical, and so perfect for close up photography, this leading model has been at the very top of her career for over 20 years.

There has been a lot said about the ‘heroin chic’ models that came to the fore during the 90’s. Kate Moss is now turning 40 and there has been much written over the past weeks about this incredible figure of female dominance. She has her own range at Topshop and here career even survived being dropped by Rimmel London when she was filmed taking class A drugs with then boyfriends Pete Doherty. She has been fearless in her pursuit of a career carved out of a notoriously fickle industry and with charm and style by the bag full you would be lucky to have a section of the career this model can boast.

In more recent times Kate Moss has appeared in the anniversary edition of Playboy and is still looking as sexy and alluring as ever with the iconic body and facial features that have drawn men to her for years now. Her younger sister has now been signed to a modelling agency that first launched the career of the star and has been dubbed the new Kate Moss, but do we really need a new one when the current one is still alive and kicking.

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