Is Hawksmoor Restaurant Manchester a Gentleman’s Haunt?

The new Hawksmoor Steak restaurant just opened at 184-186 Deansgate, Manchester and is set in the Victorian Old Courthouse building on the busiest road in Manchester – Deansgate. This location is bursting with the professional jet set and is in the heart of Spinnigfields where lawyers, solicitors and global businesses make their high powered decisions within the sky scraper glass towers which shadow the whole area.

Exclusive Manchester escorts enjoyed dining at Hawksmoor last week. The meaty menu with the colossal sized steaks was

wasted on the beautiful slim exclusive ladies as their palate and delicate taste buds craved a more feminine culinary delight.  Within this 7,000 square feet restaurant which offers protein in abundance and an interior which shouts hard, strong, from its dark wooden floors and its walls laden with monotonous old white tiles it appeals to the male gender and his never ending hunger only.  The lighting is not moody or intimate it is still and solid even with the many drop lights covering each table. Playing footsie here with your lover would be totally out of place.

The waiting on staff are super efficient yet un-descriptive with their non-universal uniforms. This is not a place where women will ever suggest a romantic evening out with the love of their lives. The 140 covers I suspect will be filled with the Exclusive Company of the professional male gender which saturates Spinningfields. The Hawksmoor bar is impressive it is powerful, strong and commanding and sets the scene.

Hawksmoor founder, Will Beckett should be very proud of his new eatery in Manchester it is indeed a statement of a restaurant and the food is perfect in every way for half the population. Perhaps subconsciously he has made this new Manchester restaurant a place where men gather without the distraction of the opposite sex.

There is not one element within the restaurant which caters for the fairer sex.  No colour, no softness no sexiness in any shape or form. This restaurant screams masculinity. It will be a game changer in the city but not in the way Will Beckett foresees. His new place is similar to the Press Club of a bygone era where the movers and shakers met for a working lunch and an after work boozy celebratory gathering of men only.

Expect the male species spilling out onto Deansgate very soon from Hawksmoor where gentlemen can catch a glimpse of very Pretty women sauntering by in the sunshine when summer eventually arrives in Manchester.