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Well, here’s something we didn’t see coming. The world of medical research and investigation has just unearthed a very curious bit of information – a tidbit that may not be the most earth-shattering piece of news, but which is certainly more than a little interesting. If you wound yourself – whether via a household accident (ouch!) or by not concentrating when you’re using a stapler at work – you’re better off if it happens during daylight hours. Of course, when you’re in the safe hands of a professional masseur, enjoying a male massage London appointment, you’re in no danger of any such thing happening, but it’s certainly a potential talking point.

Male Massage and Healing

A new study, by the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology has found, beyond all doubt, that wounds heal faster if they’re sustained before dark. The research examined people who’d suffered burns at nighttime and the results revealed that it took the subjects a full 28 days to heal. By comparison, those fortunate souls who’d been burnt in daylight managed to be back to normal in just 17 days, an astonishing difference of a week and a half.

The study involved a sample of 118 burns victims. But what on earth explains such an extraordinary finding? It’s not as if any of the subjects had the benefit of recovery-accelerating relaxation treatments such as male massage London. In fact, what appears to be coming into play is the way the human body clock operates via a 24-hour cycle. Inside us are skin cells known as fibroblasts and these work according to a strict, 24-hour pattern. If you hurt yourself, fibroblasts rush to the site of the injury, a bit like an internal emergency service. The crucial difference is that during the day, the fibroblasts are on high alert, ever ready to jump to action and make sure you’re well taken care of. But at night, the fibroblasts take a bit of a chill pill and, although they’re still on call, they don’t arrive as quickly.

Daytime Male Massage in London

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The research has been published in the journal Science Translational Medicine and it’s now possible that the findings could help improve the way we conduct surgery. For example, cortisol – the well-known steroid – has the power to reset a patient’s body clock so that during nighttime surgery, the fibroblasts react as if it’s daytime.

Of course, other variants come into the picture. None of us have totally identical body-clocks, for starters. But although the idea is yet to be tested, there could be positive ramifications, such as scheduling invasive surgery so that it complements a patient’s circadian rhythms.

The secrets of the human body are only just beginning to be unlocked. If you want to get more in touch with yours, make a start by treating yourself to male massage London and the rest is sure to follow.

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