Why are escorts appealing?

I was reading an on-line line UK punting forum about what you think makes a good escort. On top of all of the stupid comments that didn’t take it seriously there were too some very good points on what does and doesn’t make a good escort and regardless of if they were to my tastes or not, they were very valid points that were worth noting. What would the main points be for you? Do you have a little list of key features that you want in a companion? If you don’t then you should because there is nothing more personal than the needs that you have for your partner.

Fantasies to Reality

The first good point that I picked up on was the ability to create fantasy, now I loved this point because it’s not something you’d really usually bring up but strangely it’s probably one of the most important things you need out of a companion. Whatever fantasy you have, an escort must be able to emulate it so you can have the most perfect experience possible. If you have an escort that doesn’t want to or isn’t able to create your fantasy scenario then you’re probably going to the wrong agency and getting the wrong women for your needs.

Personal Growth

Another good point too could be that to become a good escort you need to exude confidence, imagine if you get a client for a first time booking. You’re not going to be able to relax his mind if you’re not outgoing enough as well. On top of this you too need to be confident to show off your personality and other qualities. If you keep yourself to yourself then how do you expect to entertain anyone? It’s almost good to be arrogant in this field of work as you need to be overly confident about your abilities.

Stunning Escorts

Another point, a point that I see the gorgeous girls at Courtisane┬ádo well is probably one of the most important features in Booking an escort. This is the use of services, you can’t actually have a session even remotely good if escorts don’t offer good a decent amount of services. For these reasons and more you can see why being an escort is actually a really hard job and not everyone can do it. So think twice when you pick your preferred agency as well as favorite escort.

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