Fashion in London

Walking through the shopping areas of London it’s easy to see the popularity of these locations with visitors from Asia. Their appetite for designer goods continues to increase each year with a projected spend for next year of £1.2 billion from visitors from China alone.

Designer goods in this country can be much cheaper than in their home country and no risk of buying counterfeit goods either! The famous brands such as Burberry are much in demand. The flow of goods from west to east is a well-documented trend but what is perhaps less known is the Chinese ambition to reverse that trend. Made and Designed in China is not associated with catwalks of high fashion but the Chinese company Bosideng is now attempting to do just that.

Bosideng is as well known in China as Marks & Spencer is in the UK with sales of £800 million across it’s 8000 Chinese stores last year. In 2012 it opened it’s first European store at 28 South Molton Street, London, W1K 5RF. The six-story building cost £35 million and host’s the companies European headquarters on the upper floors.

It’s an ambitious project trying to win over the European shopper as well as appealing to visitors from the east. The brand draws on the cultural history of China and blends that with the designer flare of Europe. Their target market is shoppers of brands such as Paul Smith or Hugo Boss. Customers with money to spend but who also have a keen eye for tasteful design.

Bosideng’s UK chief executive is Wayne Zhu and he worked with designers Ash Gangotra and Nick Holland to get the brand’s products right for the European market.
Their work has been impressive with fine tailored suites being a much sort after item. Their quilt filled down jackets (their biggest selling product in China) have also been a big hit. Providing a fashionable garment for the cold winter months.

As well as a popular shopping destination for asian visitors, London has also become the number one location for students wishing to study fashion and design. With some of the best colleges in the world, London is a hot place to be. Asian students from China, Japan, Korea and Singapore come to London to study fashion and then hopefully begin a career in the fashion industry. Some of them will use some of their spare time to work as London escorts. London student escorts are much in demand in London and the girls can earn extra money to help them through their education. A well respected London escort agency head to her website to check her out and see more of her images!

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