Exclusive London Christmas Parties 2016

With December coming up the Christmas season is almost here and with it, especially in London, come some of the most breathtaking parties the city that never sleeps have to offer each and every year. As a result of the success of some of 2015s ultimate and exclusive Christmas parties, this year’s season of Xmas festivities sees the return of some amazing events.

Xmas Events in London

Imagine a setting of beautiful music, with an illuminated hall of dazzling Christmas lights and best of all the Manhattan Skyline as the backdrop to one of London’s most extravagant events. Midnight in Manhattan offers an awe-inspiring New York experience right in the heart of London. This once in a lifetime event begins with a delightful three-course selection followed by a master class of music on a Times square inspired dancefloor.

an image of the bar/event Midnight in Manhattan, London.

Midnight in Manhattan, London

An image of the interior from Midnight in Mnahattan, London.

Interior photograph of Midnight in Manhattan.

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Along with Midnight in Manhatten comes the return of the favourited Through the Wardrobe. Set in a Manor House this stunning venue gives guests a sparkling and affluent atmosphere of style. The main bar is the focus of the room with ceiling bookshelves, lamps and well-lit ambience. When dinner is called all guests will be led to a starlight walkway leading to a giant welcoming wardrobe.

More events to attend in London

Once through guests will move into a magical setting with trees coated in snow until reaching the Ice Palace. This will contain a stunning glacial bar with an elegant dining hall containing beautifully lit tables. After a delicious three-course meal guests are invited to a disco, photo booth and casino to give guests an experience of a lifetime many can only dream of.

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an image of Through The Wardrobe.

Through The Wardrobe

The logo image from Through The Wardrobe.

Through The Wardrobe Logo.

For booking and more information of not just these but lots of other exclusive Christmas parties in and around London go to; lovechristmas.london