Escort Agencies In Tokyo

Tokyo is massive great city located in Japan and with more than 35 million people living in Tokyo space is very limited with so many people flocking the streets. For anyone reading this in the UK the timezone is actually 9 hours ahead of Greenwich mean time in Tokyo.

There are two main airports in Tokyo one being the Narita international airport and the other being the Haneda airport, so if you are looking to take a visit to Tokyo then you will most likely end up at one of these airports along your travels.

With so many people located in Tokyo there is always money to be made and especially in the escorting industry as so many men are always looking to book a Tokyo escort there is always a high demand for escorts and agencies supplying the escorts are never of the phone.

I have been to Tokyo twice now and on both visits I have booked myself an escort as I thought there was no harm in experimenting and I would highly recommend it to anyone it was excellent, I was provided a reliable and discreet service on boths visits from what I believe is the best escort agency around (Tokyo Escort Agency – (

Tokyo Escort Agency has been around since 2012 now and it has really picked up and gained a very good reputation for their high quality service provided. Their rates are around £200 per hour which is a very reasonable price indeed for such a luxurious service provided.

Here is a picture of a girl which I booked from this agency: