Eco Cars for escort agencies

Buying a car meant to be a simple decision usually based on the colour and the look of the car. Now it’s a different ball game, things like engine size and how much fuel and tax it will cost comes into effect especially for a mature London escorts agency. If you are really responsible and Eco friendly then you probably want one of those Eco cars, but there’s a new set of problems right there. Things like MPG (Miles per Gallon) and Co2 emissions now become very important factors on your final decision.

The car with the more fuel efficient car that I have found out there would be a petrol hybrid the Vauxhall Ampera or the Chevrolet Volt 27g/km who have a combined figure of 235mpg now if you consider that the usual new family car is getting you an average of 80mpg then the 235mpg and only 27g/km of emissions. This doesn’t come cheap buying one of these cars will set you back an estimated 28,000 to 29,000.

The other way to making a decision is to look at low Co2 emissions. If you weren’t too worried about MPG but wanted to make sure you wouldn’t have such a big impact on the environment. The best guide if you were to exclude hybrids would be to start with the 80g/km in low emissions. Low emissions can be found in either Petrol or Diesel so you won’t be restricted on fuel types.

Let’s have a look at the Electric cars. If your thinking electric then your cheapest option would be Renault Twizy with no doors just a bar of some sort, this would set you back just under £7,000. If you would like having doors then the next best option would be Renault Zoe for just under £14,000.They are all really tiny and if you need a family car then you’re looking at spending over £20,000. Mind you the minimum it might cost you per mile can be as little as 2.6p per mile which is ideal for any agency who provides London escorts.


The one and last thing the one thing that ultimately decides the car that you buy is price, what you can actually afford and how far that will get you up the eco friendly ladder. Given the choice almost all of us would choose the most eco friendly option out there, but that isn’t the case that we have here. Once you have looked into it a C02 emissions or mpg you’re probably more confused than when you started. Then all you need to remember is sooner we all do little by little then hopefully we can start making bigger changes to help the Environment.

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