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In a world where we’re actually studying how long we’re sitting and standing, haven’t we gone a little too far? Shouldn’t we concentrate on happier, more interesting things? Like how London escorts can actually be good for you perhaps…

A digitally made image of The Times Newspaper.

The Times Newspaper

We read an entire article in The Times recently that discussed the sitting/standing issue and to be perfectly honest, although it was well written, it was mostly pointless. Why on earth anyone would write such a lengthy piece on such a banal subject is beyond even the cleverest among us here! Did you know that there are people who actually do research into how sitting and standing affect you? Perhaps you remember a time when The Times actually printed issues and stories people found important?

So are London escorts good for you?

Well, as opposed to the studies being carried out on sitting and standing by Dutch researchers, the science behind human contact being good for you is much more interesting. Humans are pack creatures essentially. We don’t even need to go into the whys or wherefores of the whole thing, people feel better when they’re around others; you know it, we know it. Affection, attention, physical contact, all of which are made possible by booking London escorts by the way, are all incredibly good for you.

Park Lane Escorts - Sabrina

Sabrina – Park Lane Escorts

Going right back to the moment you were born, mother and child contact has been proven to improve child development and reinforce positive attachment; even to the point that in some hospitals they are promoting skin to skin contact from mothers with premature babies in intensive care. This is obviously far removed from any physical contact you may be fortunate to experience at the hands of London escorts of course, but the basic psychology of comfort and relaxation is the same. A handshake, a hug, a shoulder rub, a hair stroke or even a massage are all things that make us feel more comfortable. And of course, some are more arousing than others! Depending on who you’re with of course…

Our answer to the standing and sitting debate

So you see, the sitting and standing debate isn’t very interesting at all. You know why it’s such a big deal about standing and sitting these days? It isn’t because we’ve become any smarter, necessitating the production of “standing desks” for goodness sake, it’s because years ago people actually walked to work! No-one had the same “problems” as they do now because they got adequate exercise each day. Now people either become hopelessly overweight with terrible movement issues, or they spend their lives in the gym after work, running on a wheel like a hamster!

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