David Cameron and his High class escort Fiasco

A photograp of the gorgeous London escort known as Bunny

A selfie of David Cameron

Former Prime Minister

The Prime minister has been involved in a curious incident. Basically he has been found to be following a high class London escort agency on twitter much like the reputable Dior escorts.  No matter how trivial it seems at the first instance, it is actually quite a big deal because this is leader of our nation and leads the reigns on our global reputation. Imagine if Barack Obama was found to be booking escorts?

Social Media Slip Up

A porfessional photograph of the form Prime Minister for the United Kingdom

David Cameron

Most people are not too bother that he happens to be following an escort agency on twitter. What people are interested in is why he is. Most people use twitter to follow updates if they interested in a particular person so it would make sense that David Cameron had a particular interest in following an escort service. The claim from 10 downing street is that David did not follow the high class escort agencies twitter rather it was twitter’s fault because of an automated system.

Twitter and the London Escort Fiasco

This could well be very true but, lets be honest the auto system on twitter is not really “auto”. The only part of it that is auto is that a suggestion comes up and you can click it is you desire so i not entirely convinced about these claims. But apparently it was something which could have easily happened back in 2009. Either way it does not look good for the government to be having slip ups like this and hopefully they will take this as the final straw.

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