Comedy Awards Are a Joke

The officials at Channel 4 are in trouble after the National Comedy Awards has been the source of a landslide amount of complaints. As we watched the car-crash ceremony it was noted by our London escorts that a room full of comedians would be a girls worst nightmare. There is a common myth that comedians are awful company. They are always looking to be the funniest person in the room so at a ceremony full of them who would be crowned the funniest person?

Will Ferrell was awarded an international award while Steve Coogan had a lifetime achievement award. The likes of Jack Whitehall won best TV comedian award for his part in television program ‘Fresh Meat’, but the central theme through the whole occasion was the amount of expletives that rained down on viewers and audience alike. There was a warning preceding the show but as we sat and watched with our London escorts it seemed to get a little out of hand and many viewers thought the same as then comedians seemed to be outdoing each other on the swearing stakes.

Channel 4 have defended their programming by saying that nature of the show was known to be for it’s edgy humour and that jokes of this style were to be expected. Jonathan Ross has criticised Channel 4 and said that that they were F*** idiots. Were we to expect this kind of behaviour from a room full of comedians or should we have expected a little better from one of the nations most popular channels.

In the aftermath of the show comedian Johnny Vegas had a dig at international comedian Ricky Gervais and Will Ferrell saying that their brand of comedy wasn’t very good. This prompted a witty retort from Gervais saying, ‘Please don’t criticise my multi award winning, half billion dollar franchise, global hit show. It really hurts.’. Whether you found the show extremely entertaining or a bit of a mess one thing stands out, the awards show will probably be scrutinised for language and jokes much more closely for next year as Channel 4 sift through the bags and bags of complaints they have received this year.

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