Cheap Escorts are the better Escorts!

Many people will see Cheap London escorts as the less type of escorts as they offer there service at such a reduced rate, but in fact many cheap London escorts offer the same experience that a high class companion does just simply for a cheaper price. I have always booked cheaper escorts as I am not a particularly wealthy man but I still do get to have an experience that’s clearly the best. To be honest thought I do book from Playboy Escorts which is an escort agency which keeps there companions to the highest standards.

Even though deluxe keep their companions to high standards I do believe that all cheap London escort agencies will offer you an experience which is equivalent of booking a high class companion. I want to tell you a little about my latest booking with deluxe because I believe it speaks to what they are like as an agency.

So about a week ago I was looking to book myself an evening with a companion and I was originally planning to mix a few things up and booked myself a companion from some random escort agency. About two hours after the booking time the girl had not shown up and the agency was not getting back to me. So I went to the reliable deluxe London escorts and gave them a call once I had picked the girls I wanted to book.

Now considering I had booked from Deluxe a number of times before they knew who I was as soon as I called. I generally have a nice chat with there receptionist you know the basics how you been what you up too, any new girls started work, you know the basics. Today I was not in the mood for it and they could tell. I asked for the girl I wanted to book and they said she was on her way. About 30 minutes later she was at my door and we had a booking I will never forget.