My celebrity booking fantasies

Celebrities I would like to have an overnight booking with.

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Big Brother Eye Logo

From time to time you see a girl and wish that you could spend the night with them. They are usually incredibly sexy and stir emotions in you that you had forgotten about. I was sat watching Dappy leech all over Jasmine on a repeat of Big Brother the other night and I began to think there must be many girls out there that I would pay handsomely to have an overnight booking with so I decided to formulate a list. Through much deliberation and thought these are my top 5:

5 Jasmine Waltz.

an image of Jasmine Waltz

Jasmine Waltz

After only watching a couple of episodes of Big Brother I have realised that this is a girl looking to have a good time. There is no better way to let off a bit of steam than with a beautiful girl that knows how to party and enjoy herself. The added bonus is that she also has no qualms about stripping down after having had a drink. The more outrageous the better seems to be the general consensus. A definite overnight booking for a wild night in London.

4 Britney Spears.

an image of Britney Spears.

Britney Spears

In much the same way as the previous entry, I can imagine this being a wild night. The former pop princess that now has a residency in Sin City itself, Las Vegas, is in the perfect position to take you out and show you the night of a lifetime. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that booze is a no-go anymore for her so it could be a relatively sober affair.

3 Tulisa.

An image of Tulisa.


Ok, so we have all seen the video and know the “girl got game”. Much more than this though I think she would have some interesting and different ideas about where to go in London. She could show you a different kind of night out to the mainstream one you might usually partake in.

2 Katy Perry.

An image of Katy Perry.

Katy Perry

The daughter of a preacher, this good girl has gone not so bad, it seems to be the top of most men’s lists for spending a night together. Katy Perry seems to say all of the right things, act just the right way and on top of all of this, she is a sexy and voluptuous young mega star. We are sure you would get an elite VIP treatment and the best of service around the city.

1 Megan Fox.

An image of Megan Fox.

Megan Fox

If I was going to put my hand in my pocket and spend the money for an overnight booking like those high-class ones from Sayaka Independent escort London then my number one choice would have to be Megan Fox. This Hollywood actress has all of the best attributes to send any man wild and with striking features and a party girl persona you would be oh so lucky to date a girl like this.

Obviously many people will have different opinions on this but these are my top 5 girls that I wish I could book as an overnight escort.

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