Candy Shop brings the ‘London’ standard to manchester

From London to Manchester

Because we’re not in London there aren’t as many massage parlours and because of that there is less competition, because of the lack of competition it means that massage parlours s don’t have to reach such high standards to gain clients. I thought that this was true to an extent, that there wasn’t any massage parlours in Manchester that exceed in quality like they do in London. I thought this until now, Candy Shop is without doubt one of the most impressive in the north west. Its incredibly professional and by far surpasses the expectations I would have in an agency, regardless of it being from London or not.

Why you should use Candy Shop

Candy Shop put more effort in unlike other agencies in order to make sure that their clients get exactly what they can have, meaning the clients have a more accurate knowledge of what the session is going to consist of. On top of this Candy Shop also go through a very extensive selection and interview process in oA Candy Shop screenshot of the homepagerder to make sure that they pick the ideal Manchester escort for the job. Not only this but the staff at divine also make sure that there women are as well presented as ever so that you would have no problem taking them out to different social events.

I find it  a breath of fresh air too that when you come to meet these women, they’re actually enthusiastic about their job. You can tell that they care about there clients and will do anything for them, the women at divine know keeping you interested as a client is the key to being a great escort. What keeps you interested? Well whatever you want. These women will do anything to create a desired fantasy, something that I rarely see other escorts from different agencies do.

If you’re feeling sceptical, like an agency can’t meet up to your expectations then there’s only one real way for you to find out. book with Candy Shop Escorts now and see that you can actually have an experience with an escort that is more exceptional than one with a London agency. See if divine has the woman of your dreams.

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