Boris Bike spotted in Gambia

The pushbike became something of a tourist attraction in the of London with the introduction of the Boris bike. Today the longest “Boris bike ride” has been spotted at a distance of over 3000 miles away in Gambia. The image which you can see here:

This has to be the farthest ever distance covered by a Boris bike which is usually just used to go to the shop or the Pub for example. The news of the picture spread quickly after the person who discovered it, Ben Phillips posted it in a status. As a transport for London spokesperson said that it is a real Boris bike and that it was more than likely donated to Africa by the Government which is a kind gesture but, a rather funny thing to see for anyone who lives in London.

There have been more frequently asked questions about London escort services than cases like this are discovered. But you can never be sure about what will be discovered because there is no restriction on how far you can take the bikes once you have hired them. A pair of Londoners decided to take two of the Bikes across the channel to France which proved that you could without breaking the law.

The Boris bike scheme has been significantly expanded upon thanks to the popularity of the scheme over the last few years.

UPDATE 2017:

Over the last few years, the Boris bike scheme has taken some hits thanks to a number of other competitors coming into the market like Santander Cycles (Formerly Barclays Cycle Hire). Even though it was predicted to grow significantly over the last 4 years the scheme has really died down and its planned Manchester expansion has not happened.


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