Best Music Venues in Liverpool

liverpool city

Liverpool being a very popular and bustling city for culture and music you can imagine there will be a lot of music venues here, so here is a short list of the best;

The Kazimier 

The Kazimier is a very popular music venue in Liverpool as it is a collective of very inventive musical geniuses that doesn’t disappoint, originally the venue was a footballers hangout in the 1990’s and has helped renovate the area around it into a more popular destination and has given it a more reputable reputation, it is definitely a place to be at night as it turns into a giant party that everyone can enjoy. 4-5 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool

The Caledonia 

The Caledonia is known for its brilliant taste in Jazz music as well as some events like learning languages, the venue does still have a few rock bands playing and has a variety of excellent ales, beers, lagers and much more, they also have a few regular bands that play which are very popular around Liverpool. 22 Caledonia, Liverpool


This venue specialises in genres like House, Garage and techno which is extremely popular with the younger generation, it also houses a variety of other very interesting events that aren’t advertised as much but most local Liverpudlians always know about the odd thing going on in HAUS, as the night goes on the venue ends up in an all-out rave with dancing everywhere, either way, it’s a great party that everyone enjoys, 35-39 Greenland Street, Liverpool

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