Awesome boobs that will make your day

It’s about time that we have a blog post featuring boobs. This part of the female body is worshipped by males (and females) across the world so why would we not want to make a post about this? This list is something of a debatable one because of all men like something different about a woman’s body, in fact, some men are not fans of boobs at all. At least all men can appreciate them, however. Some prefer small, big even down to the shape. Essentially it is all a matter of choice so please comment with your favourite rack!

 Kate Upton


Kate Upton seems to be appearing on a lot of my lists these days. To be honest this list of amazing boobs would not be complete without her because, as you can see from the image above they are really something to behold.

Jessica Simpson


Nobody can deny that this blonde hotty has a beautiful bust. A quick search on youtube will reveal a lot of young men who have taken the time to make slow motion videos of her boobs. What an awesome fan club!

Jennifer Love Hewitt


The babe from the Movie I know what you did last summer from way back in 1997. Jennifer Love Hewitt is seriously hot!



If there ever was a MILF it would certainly be Beyonce. The Singer/dancer certainly knows how to move her wonderfully sculpted body.

Holly Willoughby



The hot blonde from this morning and shows like  the highly sexualised celebrity juice. holly willoughby is now a mother so dont be expecting any topless shoots but, we can always keep dreaming i guess!





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