Asia economic growth below trend

Asia’s Economic Growth

Fascinating news this week, the Parisian based company OECD who officially predict trends and patterns of economic growth, have predicted that the economic superpower India is expected not to meet its economic target. The news comes as neighbouring countries such as China other Asian countries expecting to rise from Composite Leading Indicator which are designed to anticipate increases and decreases in economic activity. It comes as a surprise with the financial stability of London being more stable than in previous years.

A world growth forecast for 2013 to 2015Aside from just producing some of the worlds essential products, India is now becoming one of the most influential and powerful countries in the world. This does contradict the latest announcement that China, Brazil and Russia which are expected to improve upon their current trends. India has actually been falling since august 2013 when it was 97.7 to 97.4 in October.

Interestingly the CLI’s also announced that the United States and the United Kingdom showed signs of economic firming above trend. All signs however point to balancing global economy with better growth anticipated from the countries on average rather than certain individuals.

India’s new Opportunities

India as a nation, despite this latest news is becoming more of an authority every day. New opportunities are arriving every day that were not available before, the introduction of cheaper airfare and the revolution of businesses have lead to a whole new tourism market with every country in the world fighting to become their chosen destination. London is a very strong position due to the amount of Indians already living in the United Kingdom and the number of facilities available to them. Also with Asian escort agencies such as Naughty Shemales providing some of the beautiful and exotic Asian escorts London, it is yet another attractive feature.

So we can expect to see a great influence over the coming years from India, as they take advantage of the new found opportunities presented to them. With the expected tourism figures expected to double from 2013, as we continually look to develop and strengthen our foreign affair communications and promote tourism.

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