An experience with an Angelicas angel

I decided to experiment with a new escort agency the other day, I have never had a ‘solid’ agency which I always go back to. This is probably due to the fact that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I usually always find tiny little flaws in each agency which makes me want to move on and find a new one. It’s picky but if you’re going to pay for the perfect experience then you deserve the perfect experience, things like escorts showing up late I believe just isn’t right. On top of that I hate it when they come in to your home (obviously in the scenario of an out call) and they’re not courteous and then during the session that you’ve paid for they don’t completely satisfy you because they don’t give you their complete range of services. High class manchester escorts should not be like this, they should be better and more caring. This is why I would strongly recommend Candy Shop escorts.

To put it as briefly as I can I booked Kate from candy shop the other day, I didn’t expect her to be any better than any of the other escorts that I had booked in the past but I was completely wrong. First of all she is just so beautiful, exactly what you’d want in an escort. On top of this she showed up to the booking I had with her ten minutes early and was ready for action straight away. The services that I got with her were brilliant and she didn’t leave until she new I was completely satisfied. I know for a fact that for future reference I will use Kate, then use some more models from candy shop. To say that I was happy with the overall experience would be an understatenmment and I would strongly recommend candy shop with their escorts in Manchester

Thank you ever so much Kate for the session. If you’re around manchester and you’re struggling to find a companion to spend the night with, no matter how long it is, make sure that you try to get into contact Kate. If however Kate isn’t your taste in women (which would shock me) then look for another Elite Manchester escort from Candy Shop Escorts because if your experience is anything like the one I had, I know for a fact that you’ll want to be a regular user like me.

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