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When you’re spending time out in the many districts of London you can quickly find out that a dinner date with one of our London escorts can become very expensive. In this blog I will be discussing the 3 recommendations of affordable restaurants found in the gorgeous districts of London, all to ensure you don’t run your wallet dry when experiencing the night of your dreams with one of our London escorts, you can find more at

Pizza Pilgrims – This cute and quirky Pizza place is located 11 Dean St. Soho, London W1D 3RP and has a real atmosphere as soon as you walk in. No matter what kind of Pizza you like you will find it here. With a wide range of Pizzerias located in the area it is easy to find yourself enjoying a few slices with the London escorts you chose, and thanks to the affordability of the restaurant you’ll be able to spend more on the things you enjoy throughout the day. There’s no doubt xGirlsx London escorts are into the tasty pizza provided so make sure you stop by! For more information on these Pizzerias then follow the links below.

Pizza Pizza from Pizza

Koshari Street – This is a quaint and quirky store found at 56 Martin’s Ln, WC2N 4EA and is rated by the customers a 4.4. This is no doubt down to the welcoming staff serving quality Egyptian street food which has quickly become popular over here. There is plenty of character with this place and that’s reflected with the tastes of the food exploding in your mouth. There is nothing more our London escorts enjoy more than a good tasty meal at a quiet place link this, and for that reason alone you should find time to stop by and enjoy a meal with your chosen escort.

Le Mercury – This 3-Floor French restaurant decked with plants and candle-lit tables, serving well rated classic bistro menu has a feel about it like no other, it is affordable throughout and you won’t be spending all your money on one night but the feeling you get once inside is one of surprise and excitement as the restaurant is decked with gorgeous indoor plants which gives the restaurant a real feel of character and a unique aspect that’s not seen before. If there is one thing our London escorts go crazy for is being part of a dinner date being served gorgeous French cuisine in gorgeous surroundings. For more information make sure you have a few moments to check out Le Mercury’s links, provided below.  (0)20 7354 4088

Le Mercury

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