As many of you already know, escorts are available wherever you go. Many countries have outlawed the profession, yet it still seems to be simple enough to enjoy an evening in the company of a beautiful woman with a simple phone call no matter where the world takes you.

This is why in this article, I’m going to be covering an escort agency I recently discovered on a trip to Hong Kong who provided truly exceptional services. This agency, known as Secret Escorts Hong Kong offer a range of stunning models who are available anywhere in Hong Kong for outcall bookings.

Secret Hong Kong Homepage

Homepage screenshot of the Secret Hong Kong Escorts Website.

I made a few bookings while I was there over the course of a week and I have to say I am certainly impressed with what they had to offer. I usually try to book from multiple agencies around wherever I go, but in this case there was no need as they offer a full gallery of gorgeous model companions which leave little to be desired.

So, after booking a range of the girls they have to offer (I went a little bit crazy and booked 12 in total over my week away) I have decided to compile a list of the top 3 escorts this agency have to offer.

#3 Josephine

Josephine #3

Josephine is one of my top 3 escorts in Hong Kong.

Our Number 3 spot goes to Josephine, who was one of the last girls I booked from Secret Hong Kong and I highly recommend you do the same. She is certainly one of the hottest escorts Hong Kong has to offer, with model good looks and a flawless hourglass figure. She turned up bang on time to my hotel room looking exactly like her photos which is always a welcome start to a booking.

She is well groomed, with her long brunette hair tumbling down her back without so much as a strand out of place.

Age 27
Nationality Argentinian
Height 5ft 8
Weight 53KG
Measurements 34D-24-34
Spoken Language English (Conversational)
Hair Colour Brunette
Eye Colour Hazel


  • Turned up right on time
  • Looks exactly like her photos
  • Busty girl with a perfect hourglass figure

#2 Demin

Demin #2

Demin is my number 2 Hong Kong escort from Secret Hong Kong.

Demin is a stunning young Finnish lady who I recommend if you’re looking for a real model companion. I had a great time with Demin and ended up paying for an overnight stay because she really was a pleasure to be around, she has an incredible sense of humour and speaks surprisingly fluent English which is why I have put her at number 2.

This girl has a truly flawless figure and model good looks, so whatever you’re looking for in a Hong Kong escort you can feel certain that Demin can provide everything you’re after.

Age 23
Nationality Finnish
Height 5ft 9
Weight 54KG
Measurements 34C-24-34
Spoken Language English (Fluent)
Hair Colour Brunette
Eye Colour Blue


  • Very high class companion
  • Fluent English made for easy conversation
  • Great personality and phenomenal sense of humour

#1 Akkulina

Akkulina #1

Gym toned stunner Akkulina is my #1 escort in Hong Kong.

Akkulina is certainly one of the best escorts I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. This flexible, gym toned stunner is without a doubt the best Secret Hong Kong have to offer. She knows exactly what to do to ensure you leave your booking completely satisfied to the point where little else compares.

She has a very sensual and passionate nature which perfectly complements her caring and amiable personality. This Venezuelan beauty is well worth every penny and I really can’t recommend her highly enough.

Age 21
Nationality Venezuelan
Height 5ft 8
Weight 53KG
Measurements 34D-24-34
Spoken Language English (Conversational)
Hair Colour Brunette
Eye Colour Green


  • Incredible gym toned body
  • Caring and amiable personality
  • Very sensual and passionate girl

While these are the top 3 girls I would recommend booking from Secret Hong Kong, this doesn’t mean you won’t also have an incredible time if you choose to book one of the other girls at this agency. They have a wide variety of gorgeous girls so there’s certainly someone for everyone at this agency.

Couple VIP Logo

There is so much you can do in London, you can see why so many of us see it as the capital to remember, although this can be a huge bonus and a flaw, especially when it comes to choosing a venue for a date in London. Here I will discuss a few recommendations about what you can do in London, and why I personally would recommend sharing every second of it with Couple Escorts, from Couple Escorts VIP.

With so much to do in London and with all the surreal districts that are available to you, it can certainly get overwhelming, especially when It comes to experiencing London’s Couple Escorts for the first time. I am here to recommend various Hotel Spa Locations for a wondrous time in London.

Why are London Couple Escorts for you?

There’s no doubt London has some of the best Hotels in the world, and you can now see why their Spa’s are so popular, and for a couple to experience couple escorts, there is nothing better or more suited for each and every one of you to enjoy a pleasurable day to remember.

It’s great to keep in mind where a Spa day can go when you experience it with London couple escorts, as there is nothing that feels better than relaxing with the best you can, all to enjoy a night of wonder and pleasure with your chosen couple escorts London.

Top 2 Hotel Spa’s for your chosen Couple Escorts

These recommendations are high end, and focus purely on the best experience with Couple escorts in London.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park – This hotel is by far one of London’s best, and I would like to start with the best recommendation we have, and here it is. This hotel overlooks Hyde Park, and has an astonishing amount of charm and elegance flowing through its corridors like a river. It’s luxurious in every way and offers customers one of the best experiences in London when it comes to staying in there grand, sophisticated rooms. The Mandarin Oriental is only a minutes walk from Knights bridge tube station, but of course that’s not all and the hotels spa facilities are a complete reflection of the elegance that you see in the main building.

This is a Spa that you and your London Couple escorts can enjoy no matter how much you know each other, it can be a great icebreaker and there’s no doubt each and every one of you will be able to enjoy yourself when in this gorgeous Spa hotel.

  • Spa boutique
  • Experience showers in female changing rooms
  • Zen Colour Therapy
  • Eight treatment rooms, all with private showers

K West Hotel & Spa – This is a similar yet unique Spa and hotel that is found on Richmound Way, London W140AX and stands looking smart as one of London most luxurious Hotels. Unlike the previous hotel, this has a river of modern beauty that can be found around each corner. Something Couple Escort in London can get enough of, and that’s beautiful places like this, sharing beautiful experiences like the ones you will all know too well. They have also won a few award for just how unique their services are , with the most recent being the snow spa room that has been rated one of a kind.

This is a Hotel and Spa that you must visit, due to its modern take on the sparing world and for the many reasons that your Couple Escorts in London will enjoy their time spent with you and your , partner, while sharing a bottle of wine in the best hot tubes in London.

  • Luxurious Modern Interior
  • Spa Shop
  • Snow Spa Room
  • Open Bank Holidays

Flirt Escort

When I’m going out in London I know that there will be a wide range of events on, but to truly have some fun, I know I will need to book one of London’s finest Flirt Escorts.

In this blog I will be discussing why booking a Flirt Escort will electrify your night out in the gorgeous city of London, with 3 recommendations of popular nightclubs located around London with reasons for why you may want to pick that club for your date with a gorgeous Flirt Escort.

Phonox – Phonox is a bar in London which is also a club by night, it is located at 418 Brixton Rd, SW9 7AY and has been rated 4.1 stars by previous customers over the years. This club is by far one of London’s best clubs for underground electronic music, which happens to be a strong and popular that a lot of people love.

This rating is surely down to the great sounding music from quality speakers, reasonably priced ticket, and general warm vibes throughout. This makes Phonox an amazing contender for a fun and exciting date with your Flirt Escort in London, as all of their escorts enjoy a lively night in a club with an electric atmosphere.

phonox london nightclub

Ice Bar London – London’s Ice Bar is definitely a unique change to anything you will have seen before, and don’t worry, it won;t be too cold. This bar is located between 31-33 Heddon St, Mayfair, W1B 4BN and will be the most unique bar you will ever visit. The ice theme is continued into almost everything, such as glasses for your drinks, and bar tables, completely hand crafted from ice.

They have earned their rating no doubt by the food they serve there as well as drinks and the warm and welcoming staff that are very attentive. This Ice Bar can be the perfect escape with your Flirt escort, for a nice 3 course meal in a bar that is unlike any other.

Ice Bar London

Ronnie Scott’s – This is a recommendation for those who enjoy a sit down to some quality entertainment with there Flirt Escort over some gorgeous tasting food, and at this well respected Jazz club, that’s exactly what you get.

This is an iconic Jazz bar that really lives up to its 4.5 ratings, and that’s no doubt down to the outstanding sound of their acoustics echoing through there building, and there impeccable food that is nothing less than perfect. This bar is definitely for you if you prefer a sit down with your Flirt escort in one of London’s more charming bars.

Ronnie Scotts London

That concludes my recommendations for what is best to do when you’re out in London with a wonderful Flirt Escort, no matter what you’re into you can certainly have the time of your life.

Central London is known throughout the UK as one of the most exclusive areas of the world; with a high population, expensive property market and of course a focus point for many of the biggest businesses and organisations in the world. Of course as a result of being one of popular tourist locations in the world it’s safe to say there’s plenty for you to do.

The first aspect of Central London that attracts the attention of so many year round is the fact that it’s so culturally rich. As the center point of much of our countries significant historical events Central London holds a abundance of Museums, theaters, historical structures. Some of the most well-known of these are the famous British Museum, Imperial War Museum, Natural History Museum, Globe Theater, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and so many more!

In addition to this London has plenty of luxury hotels and restaurants for you to enjoy. Restaurants like the Barrafina, Counter Culture, The Barbary and Hoppers and known throughout London for offering the most amazing palate of delectable food the country has to offer. What’s better each comes at an outstanding affordable price to allow you to chow down on a range of amazing food without having to delve to far into your pocket.

Of course we can’t forget the luxurious hotels Central London has to offer! Hotels like The Beaumont, Chiltern Firehouse, The Soho Hotel and The Kensington Hotel
all offer cheap prices on rooms fit for absolutely anyone, and that will never fail to provide the ultimate comfort.

Of course with so much on offer you are going to want to explore central London on your own! With the company of any one of the beautiful Central London escorts you can turn a simple visit into the experience of a lifetime that you will leave and never want to forget.

By choosing Divine London Escorts you can choose from anyone of the most stunning ladies in all of Central London to accompany you on the adventure of a lifetime. Not only will these girls be able to show you around but at the end of the night you will be able to indulge in your deepest desires like you never have before. The best part is all you need to book such an amazing time is head to Divine London’s website and book!

Click here for a quick guide that is guaranteed to help make your experience even better!

xGirlsX - Escort

When you’re spending time out in the many districts of London you can quickly find out that a dinner date with one of our London escorts can become very expensive. In this blog I will be discussing the 3 recommendations of affordable restaurants found in the gorgeous districts of London, all to ensure you don’t run your wallet dry when experiencing the night of your dreams with one of our London escorts, you can find more at

Pizza Pilgrims – This cute and quirky Pizza place is located 11 Dean St. Soho, London W1D 3RP and has a real atmosphere as soon as you walk in. No matter what kind of Pizza you like you will find it here. With a wide range of Pizzerias located in the area it is easy to find yourself enjoying a few slices with the London escorts you chose, and thanks to the affordability of the restaurant you’ll be able to spend more on the things you enjoy throughout the day. There’s no doubt xGirlsx London escorts are into the tasty pizza provided so make sure you stop by! For more information on these Pizzerias then follow the links below.

Pizza Pizza from Pizza

Koshari Street – This is a quaint and quirky store found at 56 Martin’s Ln, WC2N 4EA and is rated by the customers a 4.4. This is no doubt down to the welcoming staff serving quality Egyptian street food which has quickly become popular over here. There is plenty of character with this place and that’s reflected with the tastes of the food exploding in your mouth. There is nothing more our London escorts enjoy more than a good tasty meal at a quiet place link this, and for that reason alone you should find time to stop by and enjoy a meal with your chosen escort.

Le Mercury – This 3-Floor French restaurant decked with plants and candle-lit tables, serving well rated classic bistro menu has a feel about it like no other, it is affordable throughout and you won’t be spending all your money on one night but the feeling you get once inside is one of surprise and excitement as the restaurant is decked with gorgeous indoor plants which gives the restaurant a real feel of character and a unique aspect that’s not seen before. If there is one thing our London escorts go crazy for is being part of a dinner date being served gorgeous French cuisine in gorgeous surroundings. For more information make sure you have a few moments to check out Le Mercury’s links, provided below.  (0)20 7354 4088

Le Mercury

Let’s get it out there… the prostate is a place most straight men think is no-man’s land. Why? Because putting anything up your backside is considered the gayest thing in the world and if you like something up there then you must be gay, right? Wrong. So dead wrong.

This is 2017 and people are still acting like we’re back in 1917. The prostate and the anal track are something a man shouldn’t be scared of but should be curious about at least once in his life. Why? Because it’s healthy. In fact having good prostate health is something even doctors stress in males. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a healthy prostate without putting a fist up your backside but it does mean that you should at least be acquainted with it. Just like women are slowly getting acquainted with their clitorises men should also learn to appreciate their prostate gland and just because you like it (and stats say you probably will) does not make you gay. Shocking I know. But for all of you men that are sure of your sexualities out there who have decided to start to explore your bodies where do you turn? Many men don’t feel secure enough in asking new sexual partners out of fear of rejection and that’s a normal fear so why not turn to the professionals? And we don’t mean prostitutes…

Tantric massages from Tantric Dolls offer the ability to tack on a prostate massage to an already incredibly sensual experience. A tantric masseuse is not only completely trained to dealing with your prostate but you’ll be glad to find that there are many ways to reach your excitable little gland and that if you tickle its fancy it can gift you enormous amounts of pleasure. Of course tickling it just right requires you to relax and to enjoy your time and having someone there that specializes in both enjoyment and relaxation will mean that you will be very, very, well taken care of. Even if you end up deciding this is not for you at least you now know for certain and if you do well… you know who to call.

Heavenly - Sexy Kent Escorts

Kent is home to many various attraction and like any town or city, the night life can be a fun and lively time to experience. When it comes to partying the night away there is only one place you should visit, and that’s Ashford. With a wide variety of Ashford Escorts to accompany you to whatever you desire. In this blog I will be discussing the amazing night life Ashford has to offer, such as night clubs, bars, restaurants. Anything you can enjoy when sharing it with a wonderful Ashford Escort.

The Attic Ashford – This Night club is located at 27 Bank Street, Floor 2, Access via Norwood Street, Ashford, TN23 1DG and is rated and incredible 5.0 stars from guests visiting over the years. This is no doubt down to the cosy venue, great music and affordable beverages but not forgetting the friendly and uplifting atmosphere that you feel as soon as you step foot inside. Bringing all of this together turns the Attic Ashford into a great venue for an exciting time with an amazing Ashford Escort from Sexy Kent Escorts.

Riverside Inn – This gorgeous Inn is now seen as a buzzing pub with a bond and characterful exterior and a contemporary finish inside, not forgetting a lovely riverside garden which is a healthy size. This quirky Inn is located at Torrington Rd, Ashford, TN23 7TG with great connections to the rest of Ashford, it is rated 4.7 stars by visitors over the years and there no doubt all that is down to the warm and welcoming atmosphere you feel when you walk inside, the food is served to a great standard with big portions and is served by very friendly staff. If you’re looking for a small place to sit and grab a bit to eat with your Ashford Escort then this Riverside Inn is the venue for you.

The Ashford Club – This fun and exciting club is found between 2-6 High St. Ashford, TN24 8TD and has been rated 4.2 stars. This club serves great food and drink at affordable prices and is served by warm and friendly staff. Although unlike other bars and clubs in the area you’re able to play various games with friends such as Darts, and of course Pool. With a wonderful amount of entertainment available at this club, it can quickly become the perfect venue for you and your Ashford Escort.

Riverside Inn

Kent is a well respected town with great heritage and history throughout, it is a haven of breathtaking English landscape, why else would Kent be nicknamed ‘The Garden of England.’ With mysterious marshland to the dramatic white cliffs of Dover, not forgetting quiet sleepy villages and bustling seaside resorts, there is no doubt Kent has a lot to offer and of course its the same with sexy Kent escorts available here: In this blog I will be recommending the various activities that can be done around Kent that can be shared with a wonderful Kent escort. Kent has always been an attraction to tourists this is no doubt down to Kent’s tourist attractions being open all year round although this does have its pros and cons, as it can become quite overwhelming when it come to choosing.

The Hush Heath Winery – This wonderfully characterful vineyard is hidden away in the beautiful Kent countryside, it is closely located to Staplehurst at Five Oak Lane, TN12 0HT. This large estate produces one of England’s most iconic and exclusive sparkling wines using authentic traditional Champagne methods. With it being open to the public all year round, visiting this winery will become an experience to remember, not forgetting this opens up ideas for what you can do with your chosen Kent escort on a wonderful summers day.

The Mulberry Tree – This contemporary country restaurant and bar is a well run, relaxed and calm restaurant with a very comforting atmosphere. Some of us will always choose dinning out as a main priority, because of this I have recommended a restaurant that should meet most needs. The cuisine style is modern British & European using seasonal, free range and organic produce all year round. With a welcoming atmosphere and British styles throughout from interior to cuisine. The Mulberry Tree restaurant will surely take care of your needs, especially if you’re planning a dinner date with a gorgeous Kent escort.

Finding the perfect place to rest you head in Kent can also be a task within itself, with a large variety of high end hotels available in and around Kent. No matter whether you want a high end elegant hotel or a quiet cosy BnB, Kent will have what you’re looking for, even camping areas for those who feel like having a unique and characterful stay. The Chilston Park Hotel is by far the best you can get, with a grand driveway and spectacular interior, it is definitely the place to bring your lucky Kent escorts, and of course why wouldn’t you with the Chilston ranking within the top 200 hotels in the county and is still awarded to this day. With outstanding service, food, and rooms this hotel will definitely become the place to be when you wish to rest you head for the night.

Chilston Park Hotel

Geordie Girls Amy

With Newcastle being home to some of the best escorting agencies in the country it can become quite overwhelming when choosing the right one for you. If you think you will find the best girls on all of these websites then think again, In this blog I would like to discuss the reasons for why you will want to choose Geordie Girls escorts every time.

Geordie Girls is based in the heart of Newcastle at Scotswood Rd NE1 4AD and is by far the escorting agency for you. With a wide variety of girls from different shapes and sizes there’s no doubt that you will find the girl of your dreams here in Newcastle. The train station is close to the city centre which allows a great access point in and around the city but also opens up an easy route to where we are based. This is especially useful for the clients that want to book a day out with there escort, not just for the hour. Not forgetting the sheer amount Newcastle has to offer when it comes to shopping, restaurants and general attractions that you can attend with your Newcastle escort.

Here at Geordie Girls we work hard to help ensure we are providing the very best escorting service to the people of Newcastle, we strive towards being an agency with class, elegance and sophistication. This is because we want to bring something new to the escorting community, with each of our girls available for In-Call and Out-Call locations on a very well organised 24/7 service. No matter what time you need to relax, we have an escort in Newcastle that is ready for you, not forgetting our wide variety of girls ranging from brunettes to Redheads, and personalities ranging from calm to wild and everything in-between.

Geordie Girls strives towards bringing a highly sophisticated service to the Newcastle escorting community, this leads to our girls being of the same class especially when they representing us in everything they do, this leads to our rates being higher then most but of course our services are to a high standard as well. If you’re interested in booking with one of our Newcastle escorts then please follow the contact links provided.Geordie Girls Amy



London is a city full of entertainment and excitement, a city that never sleeps, where there is always many things going on but the adult entertainment scene is a very particular and very unique. The escort industry in UK is one of the best in the world, there are more escort agencies in London than anywhere else in the world and you will find a very wide selection of ladies that you can hook up.

The nightlife in London is one of the best with the large number of clubs and bars distributed all over the city, with clubs like Ministry of Sound, the Nest and Corsica Studios where well known DJ’s often come to these places, also bring many people to the capital.

In O2 arena every month there is a major singer or band playing in there which also brings thousands of people to London, many from other countries, where they will stay all night enjoy the night scene so talisman escorts, was made to fulfill a very niche market within the adult entertainment.

Talisman escorts is an escort agency based in the heart of London, decided to bring you the best entertainment in London, they have a large gallery full of gorgeous and very attractive ladies, some companion models are British but most of them are European ladies, but all the ladies are genuine and very sexy sensual and attractive.

With such a wide selection of companion escorts, they defiantly have a girl that will fit your demands, you will have girls with blond, black and red hair, naughty and elite ladies, tall and petite females.

Have a look at talisman escorts gallery and choose the girl you want, if you want more information you can always give them a call and they will help you the best way they can.